Sarah’s save the date

As a wedding consultant, I see a ton of save the dates, but it was actually our photographer ( who came up with this idea. We sent it out as a postcard with a few logistical details on the back. It was so simple, and our guests loved it.

[image from Sarah]

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Heather’s save the date for a friend

I’m not sure if these count as ‘interesting’ save the dates, but I recently designed these for my friends upcoming wedding! They are using all orchids for their flowers and really wanted to incorporate that in their invitations!

[images from Heather]

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Bree’s save the date

I just read your post regarding the unique save the dates and invites and wanted to share our’s with you as well. Our invitation suite was very unique and it all started with our save the dates!!! We wanted to set the mood of the event – relaxed, fun and unique – through our paper suite.
The save the dates were round with a spin effect that lead guests to the additional information by turning it like a wheel (see pictures). The burst design was carried out through the rest of the suite into the invites and the unique rsvp that set the mood for guests. The invite was a matchbook style which the flap, which contains the monogram, flapped down to reveal the detailed information. We didn’t want the formal aspect of the response card – so we decided to change it up and let the guests have fun with it. Hence asking them to write a message, draw a picture or simply express themselves. It definitely lead to even more excitement when the response cards started coming back in the mail. Obviously we were excited to see who would be celebrating our special day with us – but also even more excited to see all the creativity behind the “express youself” section.

[images from Bree]

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Alya’s save the date

Here’s another NY themed save the date!

My sister-in-law is an architect ( and made these for us in photoshop. We had seen someone do something with the subway before so we kind of took that idea and made it our own. You’ll see that the advertisement above the subway is actually a picture of me and Aaron (we got dressed up in Spain and took one of those cheesy tourist photos). The picture is taken at the NR stop on Prince Street and Broadway, next to Dean & Deluca. The back of the postcard was written as if this were a piece of art, and we wrote in personal notes to every guest before sending!

[images from Alya]
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