Elopement: Hinda + Matt


How cute is this couple?  After backpacking for 6 months, they decided to hop over to NYC to get married and pulled together an adorable elopement in 3 days!

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From Hinda:

Having been engaged for 3 years and having no idea nor desire to organize a wedding from over in the UK we really weren’t sure if or when it was going to happen. After deciding to move back to Australia we packed our bags for one last hurrah- 6 months with nothing but us, our backpacks and an LP for Africa and South America. Towards the end of this trip, while on a bus in Colombia (one of many tediously long uncomfortable bus rides) we got chatting about the whole wedding thing and Matt suggested NYC- a place we’d visited a couple of times and absolutely loved. So there it was… a text to Matt’s sister to meet us and bring my rings, no one else was to know. Our motto was ‘Keep it Simple’.

We arrived in freezing NY after spending our days surfing in Panama it was a bit of a shock- the big city and 3 days to get a marriage license, book a restaurant and find outfits- the dirty warn out back packing clothes weren’t going to suffice. We awoke on Monday 25th March to snow fall and a miserable grey day….but it didn’t matter; we had a ball. With ticket C714 in hand we tied the knot at City Hall! Followed by a really fun photo session with Dustin and the incredible tasting menu at The Modern, MoMA.

Our parents were slightly shocked to get our email whilst at work saying surprise we got married!! All’s forgiven now ­čÖé

[images from Dustin Cantrell]

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