Engagement shoot: Kim + Zachary

Subway Love!

On the evening of July 6th 2007, while Zack was casually meandering to the 4, 5 Court Street subway stop in Brooklyn Heights, his attention became captured by a girl who was chatting with her friend near the subway station. Zack decided to make up an excuse to interrupt their conversation and ask the girl (he’d later come to find her name was Kim) for directions. After some playful banter, he made his way down to the subway platform wishfully thinking about the girl he had just met. As fate would have it, a few minutes later while Kim was also excitedly pondering the guy whom had just surprisingly approached her, the two former strangers serendipitously reconnected on the subway platform and stepped into the same train car moments before the doors closed.

They engaged in some flirtation as the subway lurched forward at each new stop. While time seemed to be standing still in their little underground transit bubble, Zack and Kim were rapidly approaching their separate stops in Manhattan. So, without skipping a beat (except for the one in his heart, he later said) Zack mentioned that he would be heading to a party in Williamsburg on the following night and invited Kim to join him. Kim coyly accepted Zack’s offering while also conveniently claiming to be a recent resident of that same section of Brooklyn (Greenpoint is REALLY close and no one ever seems to know where it is!) As they parted ways, Zack secured Kim’s number in his phone with a smile and the butterflies of hope for a future rendezvous in about 24 hours.

Kim also couldn’t ignore the intense feelings of her brief initial encounter with Zack and decided to take a chance that next night by actually meeting up with him in Williamsburg for that party. But, this was only the beginning of their straight-from-a-modern-day-fairy-tale subway romance. A little more than 3 years later as their relationship continued to blossom, Zack lured Kim back to the place where they had first met and caught her off guard outside the subway station on Court and Montague yet again, this time with a wedding proposal.

[images from Photomuse]

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