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Chad and I are busy people.  He’s got work and school, and I’ve got work and the blog, so its hard for us to find time to do fun things together, let alone coming UP with fun things to do.  We tend to fall back on the old standbys….usual restaurants, movies, etc, and it can get old fast….so I was really excited to try a service called How About We.  Its a membership service where they come up with great dates that are already priced for 2, and it lets you try things you may never have thought of.  We did the I Melt With You, a fondue date at Heidi, which is a tiny Swiss restaurant in a really artsy alleyway behind the old CBGB’s.  You’d really never know it was there if you haven’t walked by before, so it felt like a hidden secret.  We indulged on a bottle of wine, charcuterie & a delicious cheese fondue for 2.  It was so refreshing to not have to make any decisions, and we could just enjoy each others company.

how about we date

How About We’s reservations assistants made all the plans, I just selected which date we wanted to do, sent over a couple of dates & times that would work for us, and they did the rest.  There are so many dates to choose from, like pottery classes, wine tastings, yoga, or even gourmet picnics in the park.  They’re all at member-only discounts, and with your membership, you’ll get a free date each month and unlimited rewards from their partners (2 for 1 movie tickets anyone??).  If you’re planning a special date for a birthday or anniversary, they’ll even help craft something especially for you, just tell them what the occasion is and set a budget!

If you’re not a member yet, definitely give it a try and get a $50 promo to put towards your first date!  Its so great for newlyweds, or even new parents who just need to get out of the house.  I know we’ll definitely be using them again!

[images by Vané Broussard for Brooklyn Bride]

This post was sponsored by How About We for Couples

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