Vendor reviews: dress + veil

Dress: Junko Yoshioka
I loved my dress! Everyone else did too, apparently. It was the first dress I tried on, and I instantly knew it was the one. Not one for frills, lace and sequins, this dress was draped ivory silk that suited my figure, beautifully architectural, and was made especially for me. Junko also designed a little bolero for me to wear for the church ceremony that was especially appropriate. I had 4 fittings total, the last one a week before the wedding to ensure a great fit, and they really worked to make the dress comfortable for me (extra boning so no uncomfortable corset!) Everyone at Junko Yoshioka was especially nice and knowledgeable.

Veil: Bridesheads Revisited
I went back and forth so many times when figuring out my veil…knowing that I didn’t want your standard cathedral length piece of tulle hanging off my head, I wasn’t left with many options. But after finding Brideshead Revisited at the New York Magazine Weddings Showcase last year, I kept them in the back of my mind for when the day came to try out veils, and promptly purchased the perfect one at The Wedding Library. The French veil had a removable gardenia that I could pin in my hair after the wedding, and was the perfect accessory.

[images from Belathée Photography and Junko Yoshioka]

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The Dress…in an hour

In my opinion, trying on wedding dresses is the most humbling experience of my life. Essentially, you’re in a room with another person, practically butt naked, trying to squeeze into sample size dresses (if you’re a size 2, bless your tiny little heart), only to have them gather above your ample hips. Good god, if I never have to try on another dress it would be too soon. Luckily, the people at Junko Yoshioka are amazing and made the experience not so horrible. I pretty much had in mind what dress I wanted, but tried on a bunch just for the heck of it. It should be said that Junko does the most amazing wedding dresses I’ve ever seen. The whole time I’ve researched wedding dresses I’ve hated about 99.9% of them….either they were too poufy, or too romantic, or too sparkly….where were my simple, architectural looking dresses? I didn’t have to look much further than her website. Here were some of the ones I tried on…

After spending exactly an hour in the showroom, I had my dress picked out. Simple as that. Didn’t go to any other places, didn’t agonize over any decisions, I just knew which one it was going to be. So now that the dress is decided, I just have to kick butt in the gym to look good in it!

[images from Junko Yoshioka]

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