Studio tour: Poppies & Posies part 2

Name: Sierra Yaun & Juliet Totten
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Company: Poppies & Posies

What do you do? We’re floral and event designers.  We design every aspect of events from the flowers to the menus.  We really do it all!

What is your aesthetic? Our aesthetic is contemporary rustic. We love sourcing vintage and antique elements to use along side more modern elements in our designs.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Our studio is an eclectic mix of old and new. We found some amazing salvaged wood to hang as shelving throughout the space. It now houses a plethora of antique items such as bottles, apothecary jars, cameras, and tins. We added a newly upholstered couch, that Juliet designed the fabric for, and some beautiful linen curtains to drape our windows.

Favorite part of your studio? Our favorite part of our studio is probably our huge work table. We found it at a local flea market and are in love with all of its dings and bruises; they’re a real reminder that it’s had a whole history before coming to settle in our space.  Now we’re adding a few marks of our own.

Where do you go for inspiration? We find inspiration in the funniest things. Sometimes we’ll be strolling through the farmers market and create a whole design based off of some amazing piece of fruit we’ve picked up. We’re both from New England and love to also get out of the city to regroup and feel inspired.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? Cutting shears/ipod speakers.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? A larger studio with tons of closet space to hold all of our props and vases.

Anything else we should know? We’ve recently become obsessed with Bahn Mi Vietnamese sandwiches!  We think they are the perfect nosh for a long work day.

[images from Jen Huang Photography]

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Outside the Flower Box

We were inspired by the term “Contemporary Rustic” and when we began to think about how it could translate into a tablescape for a wedding we decided on tall, dark patina urns paired with simple, white plates, and crisp white napkins.  Incorporating lanterns with clean, contemporary lines added a vineyard-esque element without becoming to ‘themey”. The flowers were designed with lush, cream and blush peonies, ranunculus and hellebores. We wove in eucalyptus greenery, delicate navy privet berries to pay homage to vineyard grape vines and details of kumquats to give it a fresh finish. Finally, using hand calligraphed seating cards and menus from Paperfinger added an elegant touch. We couldn’t help but make a bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere to perfectly compliment the spread.

Flowers: Poppies & Posies

Calligraphy: Paperfinger

Photography: Missy Photography

[images from Missy Photography]

Poppies & Posies is a sponsor and member of Brooklyn Bride’s preferred vendor listings

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Outside the Flower Box

Weddings are often big, lavish affairs but if that doesn’t fit your personality what could be better than a casual, afternoon dessert party for you and your guests to enjoy! Dessert is always the best part of the meal, so why not make it the only part! We filled apothecary jars with various treats such as twizzlers, chocolate kisses, and sour watermelons for guests to serve themselves. Rock candy served as the place card holders and “I love you” gum packets were scattered through the sweet, romantic flowers. Guest can choose their favorite cupcakes, cookies, or pie if their sweet tooth hasn’t been completely satisfied yet. Lastly, we imagine that a hot cocoa bar with marshmallows, cinnamon, hazelnut, and nutmeg allowing guest to concoct their favorite beverage would be the perfect finish to this afternoon (of course there would be special liqueurs included for the big kids).
Floral and event design by poppies & posies

[images from  Oh Darling Photography]

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Outside the Flowerbox: Vintage schoolhouse inspiration

Outside the Flower Box with Poppies & Posies

We found the idea of a vintage schoolhouse inspired wedding to be so playful and fun! In the end, weddings are about celebration, laughter, and a little joi de vivre! There is absolutely no reason you can’t carry this through into your design too! Who doesn’t love chalkboards, vintage tins, old school pencils and playful plates? The possibilities are endless and would surely make any wedding as cute as a button.

We we’re inspired to run with this concept after we visited Jen Huang‘s new studio and spotted her gorgeous dining table (made from reclaimed wood) and vintage, French, schoolhouse chairs. When the amazing team over at Mélangerie offered to design the seating cards, menu, and table name for our shoot we knew it was the perfect project to collaborate on. They really took the tablescape to the next level with their adorable details!

We tracked down a couple of vintage crayon tins on an antiquing trip and paired them with vintage glass bottles. In keeping with the schoolhouse theme we placed old books down the length of the table and chose bright, playful flowers for our arrangements. Our favorite pairing was the red gomphrena and chamomile with geranium leaves. They resembled strawberries and looked almost edible!

Mélangerie ran with the inspiration and came up with the idea of using chalkboards. Both the menu and table name are hand-lettered onto antique chalkboards. The place cards are pieces of book board they painted with chalk board paint and then hand lettered. To complete the setting, they tied a piece of chalk to each place card with apple red ribbon to match Jen’s chairs. Parfait!!

xoxo Poppies & Posies

[images from Jen Huang]

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Outside the Flowerbox with Poppies & Posies and Domestic Construction

A bit about the shoot…

This month Domestic Construction and Poppies & Posies teamed up and got creative with a hardware inspired wedding shoot fit for a Brooklyn bride! The ladies got together to discuss ideas for a collaboration and started chatting about how much fun it would be to design a wedding completely from hardware store acquisitions…and so that’s exactly what they did! Stuart & Welch catering, Clean Wash Letterpress, Lovely Bride, Calipher, and Missy Photography joined the team to create the perfect metal shop wedding!

Domestic Construction…We were on the same page from the start!  We didn’t even discuss colors before hand and the pipes we painted turned out to be the same color as the flower arrangements they made.  The metal shop (*thanks to our friends at calipher) ended up being the perfect setting for this exciting wedding.  whatever we forgot to buy at the hardware store was easy to come by here.  We created the floor out of scrap metal we found lying around… we even found two perfect circles for the bride and groom to stand on!  colleen of cleanwash letterpress created all the menus and name cards and they couldn’t have tied things together better.  It’s not every day that a few girls get to live out their secret fantasy of getting married in a metal shop.

poppies & posiesWe headed over to the hardware store to get inspired for the shoot and wound up finding fabulous detail elements to incorporate into our tablescape. We convinced the owner of the hardware store to give us his us old round sanding paper pieces to use as our place mats and we discovered that long bolts makes for the perfect cocktail stirrer (new ones of course)! Faucets posed as great seating card holders and fresh cocktails were passed on a big round blade. Our goal was to create a romantic atmosphere in an industrial workshop by pairing the hard, metal elements that we found at the hardware store with soft, romantic flowers. We used juliette garden roses, veronica, amaranthus, unirpened blackberry, queens anne’s lace, and nigella to create the perfect tablescape. Lastly, the bride’s bouquet was placed in a brass pipe to tie it in with the rest of the decor.

Clean Wash Letterpress…I made an inspirational trip to the hardware store where I found purple sand paper and a roll of green carpenter’s masking paper which I thought would be a great complement to the simple brown ink and chip board. Staying with the hardware store theme, I focused on simple and recognizable tools for the illustrations. YouWorkForThem‘s Trihart font was the perfect fit.

Stuart & Welch Catering…Trying to figure out a menu that fit into a hardware theme wedding wound up being quite enjoyable.  I used one element you’d find in a hardware store in each dish, such as a fresh herb salad with “blowtorched” manchego toast, slow roasted salmon with “hacksawed” carrots, roasted cippolinis, and pumpkin vinaigrette, and seared lamb loin with stuffed squash blossoms, and “painted” currant compote.

Cassandra Quinn, Couples Stylist, from Lovely Bride…I chose the Badgley Mischka Kiki because I think it provides a nice counterpoint to the industrial theme of the shoot. This to-die-for dress is both edgy and ethereal with its light layers of raw edged chiffon, the true white of it also plays nicely against the grit of the space. The necklace by Untamed Petals is perfect in keeping with the feel. I love it’s combination of soft oversized blossoms and hardware like multi-chains. The vision for me revolved around pairing the perfect dress with with the space, everything else was secondary.  My husband wore his own Zara suit and the tie is from our “original” wedding…what a nice surprise that it went so well with my gorgeous bouquet!
Missy Photography…We asked Missy Photography to join us to capture all of the vendor’s hard work. We knew her eye for detail and soft, feminine style would be the perfect pairing with our design concept. She really made everything come to life in such an organic, sweet way!

[images from Missy Photography]

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