Real wedding: Skylar + Murty

column wedding dress wild bouquet JMP_1183 JMP_0506 JMP_0517 JMP_0582 altar greenery JMP_0654 JMP_0722 JMP_0807 JMP_0983pink centerpieces JMP_1091  JMP_1425 naked cake with greenery JMP_1836 JMP_2147 JMP_2239 JMP_2313

Getting Ready Location: Box House Hotel in Greenpoint
Photographer: Jacquelyne Pierson
Dress: ceremonyJ Crew  reception-Jenny Packham
Hair Accessories:  I re-worked my mom’s veil and hand-sewed it on a veil comb
Hair: Martha Ellen at Head Chop
Henna: Mehndi NYC
Flowers:  bride’s bouquet, corsages and boutineers  from Rose Red and Lavender
marigold garland (altar) and mango leaf garland from Fancy Florist
Green Garland (altar) from Everleaf Decorative Greens, LLC
centerpieces and other flowers– Flowers from Chelsea flower district and arranged by the bride’s mom and sister
Cake: friend of the bride and groom’s  Pies: Petee’s Pie Company
Catering:  Sips and Bites
RingsBride- Anna Sheffield
          Groom- Bario Neal
Groom’s Attire: J Crew
Stationery: Designed by Sara Gossett
DJ: Carl Hamm of Richmond, VA

[images from Jacquelyne Pierson]

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Real wedding: Brittany + Brian

muir woods elopement

While modern venues are usually my favorite, its hard to deny the beauty of Muir Woods for a simple yet stylish elopement in nature…

bridesmaid in white chic bridal chignon muir woods elopement forest inspired bouquet muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement muir woods elopement

Photographer:  Milou + Olin Photography//Dress Designer: BHLDN//Event Venue: Muir Woods Park Community Association//Makeup Artist: Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry//Floral Designer: Studio Choo//

[images from Milou + Olin Photography]

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Real Brooklyn wedding: Gabriella + Sam


Getting married at Juliette in Brooklyn is like getting married on a little rooftop in Paris…such a lovely spot and a great venue for smaller, intimate weddings.

150919_006 150919_119 150919_133 150919_185 150919_279 150919_290 150919_299 150919_312 150919_332 150919_341 150919_346 150919_426 150919_468 150919_706

From the bride:

We had a warm, intimate 80-person wedding in a cute little French restaurant in Brooklyn called Juliette. We wanted a place that felt special but also felt like us, and that we could return to in the future. Juliette has such an inviting, whimsical atmosphere that felt festive and elegant, but also relaxed and unpretentious, and it really set the tone for our wedding–more of a dressed-up dinner party with dancing than a very formal occasion. Merriment was the order of the day. Because Juliette has so much decor already (thankfully, because we’re not very DIY-savvy) we added very little of our own beyond our colorful flowers and a few personal touches–framed photos of our parents and grandparents taken when they were young couples; old postcards from around the world that served as a guest book; table numbers hand-painted by a friend; and Brooklyn soaps and candles as souvenirs. We tried to be unfussy in our planning of the day, and to focus on the things that would be most enjoyable and memorable for us and for our guests: fun music, good food (and pie and ice cream!), and a joyful atmosphere. We also were lucky to have a wise, funny officiant as a friend, and to have some lovely, sweet speeches from our friends and family. I think these are the sorts of things that people remember the most. We also made a point of choosing vendors that we felt were doing great work in our local area; after all, this was an excuse to introduce our friends and family to some of the wonders of NYC! Despite the cost of weddings in the city, we were really glad that New York was a place many of our guests wanted to visit and that has public transportation everywhere–no concerns about how people would get home after drinking and dancing well into the night. And we were also really happy that we organized a drinks event the night before the wedding and a picnic in Washington Square Park the day after since it gave us the opportunity to show our guests a few more of! our favorite neighborhood spots and we had more of a chance to talk with everyone who came.

My biggest advice for brides and grooms planning their wedding is to let go of the idea that your wedding has to be an encapsulation of everything about who you are as a couple, flawlessly executed in every way. It can just be an exciting, fun day to celebrate the two of you and the community of people you’ve built around you who love and support you. There is so much information about weddings out there these days, especially for brides, that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by every choice you have to make, and each one feels weighed down with so much significance. My advice is, when you’ve looked into something and you’re happy with it (a florist, a dress, a husband!), just go with it. You don’t need to explore every option, which can sap the fun out of everything. Keep things light and focus on how the occasion will feel and on really being present, grateful, and at ease on the day itself. Think about it with the distance of years ahead–what will matter to you to remember?! Spend your energy–and money–there. Looking back, my favorite memories from the day are everyone laughing and having fun, and these funny, unexpected pairings of people who met and became friends at our wedding.

Also! Give yourself enough time to plan. We had more than a year, and we were so happy to be able to occasionally say, “we’re not going to think about the wedding this week.” It’s also really useful to have a confidante (my mother, in my case) who doesn’t have an agenda and is just there to be helpful and supportive, and to look after things on the day itself. A few stable people in the mix can make a huge difference since weddings bring out a lot of craziness!

Hotel: Wythe Hotel
Venue: Juliette Restaurant
Makeup/hair: New York Bridal Hair
Florist: Molly Oliver Flowers
Dress: Lovely Bride (designer:Rosa Clara)
Invitations: Minted
DJ: Joel Davis/All City Sound
Pies: Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Second Photographer: Karli Cadel

[images from Miho Aikawa]

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Real wedding: Georgia + Calvin

bowties and groomsmen

This stylish couples wedding started out traditional, but afterwards they hit up a local coffee shop with their bridal party to decompress and take some rad pictures…be sure to check out the bridesmaids jumpsuits!

wedding bootiesbridesmaids in brownheading down the aislechasewildwedding-54church weddingchasewildwedding-67bridal party at coffee shopbridal party at coffee shopbridal party at coffee shopchasewildwedding-97chasewildwedding-109bridal party at coffee shopchasewildwedding-122bridal party at coffee shopbride and groomchasewildwedding-147bride and groomchalkboard signagechasewildwedding-178chasewildwedding-180cake cuttingchasewildwedding-189chasewildwedding-200chasewildwedding-203

From the bride:

We were introduced by a mutual friend at a church evening service. I thought nothing of Calvin’s friendly nature until he added me on Facebook a few weeks later and struck up a conversation, where the topic found it’s way to good coffee, followed by a coffee date invite. Calvin proposed on the beach where we had shared our first kiss. It was a fitting and romantic idea, though I think he was counting on it being a clear and moonlit night… unfortunately it was pitch black and he ended up proposing via the light of his iPhone – very romantic haha.

On our wedding day, it was important that we did something that was uniquely us. We wanted to keep it simple, with venues that were stunning on their own right. The church was important for both our faith reasons and its architectural wonder. The outfits of the bridal parties are reflective of our own styles and interests and we were so lucky to do our photos at Good One coffee because coffee is something we enjoy doing together all the time and the interior of the cafe is fantastic.


Photographer: Chasewild
Florist: Willoughby Road
Ceremony Venue: St. Matthews
Reception: James Events
Dress: Hera Bridal
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Make up and hair: Kaitlin Chapman
Bridesmaid dresses: ASOS
Grooms and groomsmen: Barkers

[images from Chasewild]

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Real wedding: Erin + Jon

wythe hotel wedding wythe hotel wedding cartoon invitationwythe hotel wedding wythe hotel wedding wythe hotel wedding wythe hotel wedding wythe hotel wedding moody bouquet wythe hotel wedding wythe hotel wedding wythe hotel weddingwythe hotel weddingwythe hotel weddingwythe hotel wedding wythe hotel wedding calligraphy chalkboard signwythe hotel wedding    wythe hotel wedding  wythe hotel wedding  wythe hotel wedding

From the bride:
Jon and I started dating long distance, but our relationship flourished when we decided to be together in Brooklyn, New York. While we shared friends in Chicago and I had familial ties to Richmond, VA, New York had to be the place we said, “I do.” Our goal was to create a day with our close family and friends that allowed us to be present of mind, remembering each moment and why we’re taking this step in our relationship. What better way to connote that intention then by sharing one of our favorite meals overlooking the city that brought us together. The Wythe captured our aesthetic and energy as a couple and the boozy brunch added to the moody weather day, making it altogether perfect. When it comes to my bridal style, I didn’t want to feel artificial and calculated. Rather, I wanted to feel classic, relaxed and elegant with a little bit of sass and cheekiness. A blush dress with flowing lines allowed me to experiment with different accessories and create a look all my own.
Dress: Used from Urban Set Bride in Richmond, VA and beautifully altered to my liking by Sandra Usherov in Brooklyn.
Flowers: Park Delicatessen in Brooklyn, NY
Headpiece: Percy Handmade
Hair by: Christina Crosthwaite of Fringe Salon in Chicago
Location + food: Wythe Hotel // Food and Booze from Wythe
Donut Tower: Dough Donuts

[images from Our Love Is Loud]

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