Carla’s save the date

Anyhooo….Dave and I are older (he’s 49 I’m almost 42) both of us LOVE LOVE LOVE music. I’ve had a bunch of Americana bands that I worked with as merch chick, den mother, group therapist, promo guru, photographer etc and Dave IS a musician (with a day job).

Since music is such an important part of both of our lives we made our save the dates cards to look like real concert tickets. Our invitations will look like a Hatch Show Print (a very cool place in Nashville that does amazing work and if we were having a bigger wedding I would have them do the actual invitation but I couldn’t justify it for 20-40 invitations when the min order was 100.) The whole wedding weekend is going to be one great big “picking party” since the majority of the guest list are either musician or sing.

[image from Carla]

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Leela’s save the date

i used to live in brooklyn (le sigh) and am now a soon-to-be bride. I don’t know where I found your blog, but it is a refreshing contrast to lots of the wedding broo-ha-ha I seem to sift through . . .
I really enjoy your perspective and the items you share . . .
I thought you might get a kick out of the save date created by myself and my sweety, david.
[image from Leela]
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Heidi’s save the date

The Design: I used our initials to create a playful double entendre in the design…both sweet (AH) and practical (A)aron (H)eidi. Hummingbirds are a central theme in our wedding…they are my good luck charm and they symbolize peace, love and happiness! They also harken to our playful spirit and love of nature (our wedding is being held here:

The Process: It took SO long to come up with the design and then produce it! Being a designer is a benefit and a curse in this regard. I created the design in illustrator cs3 and printed the cards via gocco (my first gocco project!) Each card had to be printed twice to have the pink stand out against the chocolate brown. The backside features basic information and our wedding website information. I used Paper Source Papaya cover stock, smart carnival chocolate brown envelopes, and custom labels. My color palette is like a peach…features pinks, peaches, a little orange, yellow, right up to the stem…bright green leaf and brown stem!

The Suite: I’m about to get started on the invitation suite soon, but I can tell you that the invites will feature a laser-etched design, akin to Tord Bootjne!!! More to come on that! I am aiming to kickstart my own custom invitation business next year, post wedding.

[images from Heidi]

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Logan’s save the date

Our Save-the-Date was very simple. We chose to do the photo booth idea and to incorporate our little pup as well. We took the pictures in our bathroom and put them together in photoshop. We printed everything out at home and then I put them together one-by-one. Our only expense was the colored paper we used to back the photos and the envelopes, so it was very budget-friendly. We’ve received many compliments and love the way they turned out.

[image from Logan]

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