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Levi has been photographing since the age of thirteen, first as an artist then as a magazine photographer.  He is an award winning photographer, PDN top Knots winner, his work can be seen in New York Magazine, Style Me Pretty, this wonderful blog and many others. But most importantly Photography is his way to explore the world; he is an emotional being and searches out moments that are full of life.  As he began shooting weddings he realized that this was it-capturing images that communicate some of the most beautiful moments of human experience; Love, connection and crazy joy. During a wedding his big smile disarms and his calming presence soothes the soul, as he captures that same soul melting.  If you want images of your wedding that will break your heart with beauty you have found your photographer. Thanks! Levi



Levi Stolove

Brooklyn, NY

[email protected]


  1. Jean Coletta Solwitz

    Levi is absolutely amazing: his photos are truly pieces of art. Everyone who looks at our wedding photos is astounded by how wonderful and genuine they are. I’m constantly hearing things like “This doesn’t look like a real-person wedding, it looks like a wedding fashion shoot!” or “Wow, he captured their personalities perfectly!” and “How does everyone look so incredible in this photo [of sweaty dancing at the end of the night]?!?!” Everything from the portraits to the candids – even the outtakes are exceptional!
    Beyond the final product, Levi has been an absolute joy to work with. He is organized, personable, high energy, professional, and just a cool guy to be with! He genuinely takes an interest in his clients and really wanted to get to know my husband and I. From the very beginning of our engagement shoot a year ago, we knew it was going to be a great relationship. At the wedding he even remembered our maid of honor, who had helped out with our engagement shoot (an unexpectedly freezing day but you would never know from the photos), and was excited to catch up with her.

    He’s an excellent photo director, we were always confident about what to do and he easily walked us through what he needed from us. His hilarious pop-up from behind the camera move made us laugh every single time, there isn’t a frozen smile in any of our photos. He got along with everyone and picked up on how each of our family members needed to be managed, keeping everyone calm and happy – even when my father added a whole extra set of portraits at the last second: Levi took it in stride, kept everything on time, and kept everyone smiling. His candids of us and our guests are truly stunning. He really captured everyone’s energy, and they all look so glamorous!

  2. Rebecca

    Let’s start with the obvious: Levi’s photos are spectacular. Looking at our wedding album feels like reliving the weekend in all it’s perfect, magical glory. He has a way of capturing beautiful candid moments – and breathing life, fun, and artistry into even the most formal portraits. He is equally exceptional at capturing the details and the moments that might otherwise have been missed – in our case, the exact moment that my now-husband ripped his pants on the dance floor (it’s one of my favorite memories of our wedding!!).

    But what’s just as extraordinary is Levi’s thoughtful process. He came early to our venue to scope out the best light and to work through a schedule. He’s such a pro that he needs no direction – in fact, it was such a relief to be directed by him! He’s got such a calm demeanor – simultaneously capable of getting everyone to follow instructions, while making everyone feel at ease. With three sets of parents, we had a lot of specific family portrait needs (and personalities) – which he handled gracefully and professionally, keeping everyone focused on the beautiful day.

    We loved working with Levi because we loved being around him. He’s got a creative spirit and will take risks with you if you want – but he also isn’t afraid to gently steer you in a better direction (and trust me, he’s always right). We adore him and his work – and you will too.

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