Levi Stolove Photography

Levi has been photographing since the age of thirteen, first as an artist then as a magazine photographer.  He is an award winning photographer, PDN top Knots winner, his work can be seen in New York Magazine, Style Me Pretty, this wonderful blog and many others. But most importantly Photography is his way to explore the world; he is an emotional being and searches out moments that are full of life.  As he began shooting weddings he realized that this was it-capturing images that communicate some of the most beautiful moments of human experience; Love, connection and crazy joy. During a wedding his big smile disarms and his calming presence soothes the soul, as he captures that same soul melting.  If you want images of your wedding that will break your heart with beauty you have found your photographer. Thanks! Levi



Levi Stolove

Brooklyn, NY

[email protected]


  1. Siobhan Lowe

    Levi photographed our wedding and he was fantastic! He was totally professional, easy to work with and had a sense of humor. When we saw the pictures they totally exceeded our expectations. We can’t recommend him enough!

    Siobhan Lowe & Jeffrey Hansen

  2. Erica Diamond

    Levi took pictures for my wedding. I could not believe how absolutely beautiful they came out. Everyone I knew kept asking me who took our wedding pictures. I would recommend Levi in a heart beat. He makes you feel so comfortable and he is extremely professional. If you are looking for a photographer you found him. He is the BEST!!!!

  3. Jill Diamond

    Levi photographed my sister’s small, intimate wedding and captured the night in way that we can share with others who were not there. I would recommend Levi in a heart beat. Levi was able to fade into the background and capture the foreground. A picture tells a story and some photographers tell it better than others. Levi is an amazing story teller.

  4. Josh Halpern

    When we set out to find a photographer for our engagement photos, we were thrilled to find someone who was genuinely interested in understanding us as a couple and able to bring it to life in front of the camera. During our shoot, Levi’s positive energy, confidence and professionalism immediately put us at ease and allowed us to have so much fun. During the shoot we would get lost in the moment and forget there was a camera on us. But Levi was close by and he never missed a moment! The photos are amazing!

  5. Sara Willette

    Hi Levi!

    Thank you so much for the photos!!! We weren’t expecting them just yet and were psyched with the quick turnaround. As for the photos themselves, we couldn’t be happier with them 🙂

    We sent the link to our family/friends and have gotten rave reviews. Here are just a few of the responses we’ve gotten thus far:

    “I’m so amazed!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!”

    “Yeehaw they look awesome”


    “Wow they are wonderful….”

    “Love them!! I think you had a great photographer!! :o) Lots of good framers!!”

  6. Colleen Lang

    We truely feel lucky that we found Levi….. He was expert, professional and totally dedicated to getting the most creative and beautiful shots. He had contagious energy and I don’t think missed a single moment; his commitment was incredible. And it paid off; Levi got our photos to us within two weeks of our wedding day and they are amazing. Portraits and candids, he captured details and emotions in such a talented way. All of this, AND Levi was a pleasure to be around on the day of our wedding, even putting us at ease, laughing with us, and feeling like a guest. We highly, highly recommend Levi.

  7. Liz

    I can not thank you enough for hooking us up with Levi (and oh, God, I can’t remember the other woman’s name, but she was amazing and adorable as well). The photographs are PERFECT and their energy was spot on for our wedding. I have heard from several people how disappointed they are that they don’t have a wedding to photograph, just so they could use Levi’s services again (and this is without seeing the final product!). In fact, after seeing the photos my mother-in-law said that she would like to hug him. Not only did the pictures arrive in record time (holy moly!) but every single shot is beautiful and far beyond what I expected. The colors, the warmth, he just got it.
    The whole night seems like a dream and the pictures reflect that perfectly.
    I will never have the right words to express my gratitude so this will have to do: thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Liz and Joel

  8. Juliet

    Levi, Thank you again for being such an important part of our happy celebration. Your care and thoughtfulness show thru in every photo. I’m so thrilled that it was your eye that captured all our precious memories we will be holding them dearly for all our years. Much love, Juliet

  9. Julie

    Levi was recommended to us by a coworker, and it we are so incredibly happy we followed her advice! Levi and his assistant Fiona were amazing, we truly couldn’t be happier. We met Levi a few months before the wedding and INSTANTLY felt comfortable talking to him. Being affectionate in front of a stranger, no less with a camera in hand, is something we were worried about, but Levi made us feel incredibly comfortable, like we were hanging out with an old friend.
    During the initial visit, Levi’s dedication to his craft and professionalism towards his clients was clearly apparent—it became obvious that he loves what he does and truly cares about the finished product, something that was very important to us. He was candid throughout the entire process, explaining his style and method clearly and was flexible to our wants/needs. After the initial visit, Levi was always attentive and quick to respond to any question we had. We felt so taken care of, and knew he would do a great job on the day of.
    Which, was exactly what happened. Levi and Fiona were amazing. The morning was pretty crunched for time, as we got off to a late start, and had a pretty robust list of formal family pictures that needed to take place. Levi never lost his cool, and was so organized. More importantly, he kept us all feeling comfortable and stress-free. During the reception, it seemed that Levi and Fiona were EVERYWHERE and in the middle of all of the action, while never being in the way. All of our friends and family were so impressed by his energy, even the owner of the venue asked for his contact information.
    We recently got the photos, and it goes without saying that were incredible, beautiful, and touching.
    Levi, thank you so much for making the day so special and capturing it in the way that only you could!
    Julie and Victor

  10. Jill Damatac Futter

    Levi photographed our wedding this past Friday, March 16. Not only was he incredibly responsive, open, and kind from our very first few e-mails and meeting–he was also super on time, seemingly everywhere, taking photos right away, and made all of us very comfortable, as if he weren’t carrying a pair of cameras on him at all. What made Levi so special to us is that he was there, but not there, making himself present when he could tell that we needed a bit of easing (I freaked out when I had no flowers and lost my candles) or nudging (my now-husband and I are very shy about cuddling in front of others). When it came to the wedding ceremony and reception, he and his assistant were flying all over the place, covering every inch of the action.

    And of course, the very reason we contacted Levi in the first place–the unadorned, natural, light-filled beauty of his work–made itself clear when we received our proofs this past week (in record time!). Our intimate little wedding and all of its DIY charms and family nuttiness shined in his photos–he captured our excitement, nerves, joy–every ounce of emotion…all without any forced pretense or posing. Levi embodies his slogan of “Love is cool”–he captures it, senses it in others, and transmits it through his personality and his work.

  11. Talia

    Levi and Sass were amazing! Our guests kept remarking that they seemed to be everywhere during the wedding, capturing all of the moments (big and small), in a completely unobtrusive way. The final photos were absolutely beautiful– captured all of the emotions of the day in such an authentic way! We’re so happy that he was recommended to us by a co-worker.

  12. Anne

    I was fortunate to have Levi Stolove recommended to me by a colleague to photograph my wedding. Not only is Levi a sweet, warm person, he is amazingly talented at what he does. I felt comfortable working with him from the start. He is professional, responsive and thorough. I knew I would be in good hands. On the day of the wedding he was an absolute dream. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anybody work so hard. He was everywhere at every important moment. My Dad referred to him as a “whirling dervish.” And he successfully captured the emotions of the guests and the beautiful atmosphere in a truly stunning way. Every time I look at the photos I smile. I’m so happy Levi came into our lives to photograph our wedding and would highly recommend him to anyone who has good taste.

  13. Alison Uhlfelder

    Levi is an amazing photographer!! But more than that- he is a creative and happy guy who is actually EXCITED to be photographing your wedding.

    We live in Los Angeles, but got married on Long Island where I’m from. Levi was recommended to us by a friend of a friend (and fellow photographer). Needless to say planning a wedding from across the nation was a little nerve-wracking!

    Upon meeting Levi, he felt like a close friend who knew us forever. He was a clear choice for us. He was extremely responsive to all of my crazy bride questions, and on the day of he not only kept us calm but on schedule! It seemed like everywhere we turned he was there snapping photos- and yet he wasn’t in anybody’s way. My whole family mentioned to us how dedicated Levi was, and how he seemed to really love what he was doing!

    The pictures came to us very soon after the date and when I first saw them I cried. He really captured the joyous occasion and I can’t wait to display his prints in our home.

    I highly recommend Levi to any couple- he is such a special person who has a real talent!

  14. Tammy F.

    I highly recommend Levi as a photographer, as he was able to capture such wonderful candid moments of my wedding. He is an amazing person to work with and helped keep me in line when I was getting tired of smiling! I relive the best day of my life every time I see his lovely work. Best wedding photographer in Brooklyn. : )

  15. Arlene

    I cannot say enough about Levi Stolove. My husband and I recently had a wedding reception and hired Levi as our photographer. Levi gave us many beautiful pictures, and I’ll discuss those in detail later. But I want to start by mentioning his professionalism, which gave us considerable peace of mind. From the first email, to our first meeting, to during and after the event, Levi was a consummate professional who responded quickly to emails, informed us when he would be out of town, and let us know what to expect well in advance. I can’t tell you how many photographers I contacted who took weeks to return my calls (if they did at all) or send me their contracts. I couldn’t imagine dealing with these kind of people when trying to plan a wedding. Knowing that you can trust your photographer really takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. Levi was also willing to go the extra mile. He went out of his way to spend time with my husband and I months prior to the reception. He took the time to to get to know our personalities and ask what we wanted in our wedding photographs. He also was willing to meet us earlier and stay later on the day of than we originally planned on little to no notice. Lastly, the pictures were awesome! My husband and I aren’t particularly into public displays of affection, nor are we that comfortable being photographed, so we made Levi’s job challenging to say the least. But his patience and humor really won the day and we ended up with some of the romantic, ethereal shots we wanted along with the fun and funny ones that we also prized. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with our choice of photographer or our photographs. I also highly recommend the photo booth station!

  16. Adriana Y.

    Levi is wonderful. When looking for a photographer for our June 2012 wedding, what we were really looking for was an artist, and this is what we got with Levi. Our photos came out beautiful. If you were a guest at our wedding, there is a great picture of you that he took. He captured beautiful moments between other couples, our friends and family having fun with each other, and the love and excitement between my husband and I felt that day. The pictures that he took are so special to us, and we’re so thankful to him for the job he did. Levi is hard-working, warm, and puts a lot of care and detail in his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is truly an artist, and truly a sweet guy!

  17. Shiri S.

    I can’t say enough good things about Levi. His photographs are simply exceptional. There are the beautiful, ethereal, romantic shots and there are also the ones that will make you laugh out loud at the moment he captured (drunk cousins dancing around a kissing bride and groom, caught with their knees up? Yes). Both are priceless. He caught every emotion we had of the day on film and made us look more beautiful and certainly more at ease than we felt initially.

    Levi as a person to work with is just as wonderful as his work is. He made us immediately comfortable and had the right blend of directing shots and letting us be natural. He wasn’t flustered by anything that happened out of the ordinary – even when the golf cart we were in ran into a tree. He made everyone he took a picture of feel special and even danced with me when he finally put his camera down.

    Levi is the kind of guy who will love your wedding as much as you do. He wrote me after the wedding to tell me how much he’d adored my grandmother and how special our relationship was – and his pictures captured every ounce of that relationship, too.

    I would hire Levi again in a heartbeat. The photos are exceptional, his energy is contagious and SO happy, and he is an artist worth way beyond what he charges.

    Levi, thank you so much. These pictures are a gift.

  18. Olya & Ari

    We hired Levi to be our photographer at the most important and wonderful event in our lives, our wedding.

    Before we made this decision, my husband and I did a lot of research and met with multiple photographers to determine who would be the best person to work with, and who could take the best pictures at our wedding.
    Levi was, by far, the most professional, friendly and innovative photographer we had met. So we booked him, and it turned out to be a great decision.

    Throughout the whole day of our wedding, Levi was taking pictures portraying outstanding professionalism, enthusiasm, and friendly energy. Not only did he make us and our guests very comfortable, Levi was able to capture some of the most amazing unique beautiful moments of our wedding.
    When looking at photographs afterwards, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Levi not only took beautiful staged shots to make sure we captured all of our family and friends; he also took amazing candid pictures during our ceremony, our personal married couple pictures at the park and the city of New York, and our reception celebration.
    All those pictures took us right back to the event because they seemed so real. Levi captured all the happiness, smiles, fun, joyful tears that we ourselves didn’t even notice!

    Not only were the shots great, the quality of the pictures, once edited, came out to be fantastic. Levi utilized various special effects, multiple color variations, and interesting techniques to make sure all the pictures looked perfect and unique in their own way.

    Without saying, our photo album came out to be absolutely gorgeous. Not only were we ecstatic, our family and friends were also impressed, which doesn’t happen very easily. The quality of the pictures was great, the way the photos were outlined in the album was very nice, and the way all the pictures came together in one timeline was so impressive.

    Levi has worked with us every step of the way, from the moment that we hired him, until we got our final photo album. During this time, he was very responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, and made us feel so comfortable that our pictures and photo album would turn out great. They did. More that we could ever wish for. Thank you, Levi! We would recommend you to anyone!

  19. Jessica Taube

    Perhaps I am a bit biased, because Levi is a good friend, but nonetheless, my husband and I could not be happier that we chose to have him photograph our wedding. Leading up to the event Levi was responsive, gave good suggestions when we were feeling lost about some decisions, and open to our ideas (and flexible when we changed our minds!) Essentially, his input was integral in scheduling the timeline of events – after meeting with him we knew how we wanted the event to flow. I worried a bit about only having one photographer for a fairly large crowd, but my worries were put to rest when I received our photos last week. It seems as if Levi was able to split himself into two people – he did an absolutely amazing job at capturing so many details and special moments. I think there must be at least one photo of everyone who attended! Friends who viewed our online gallery have commented that he really captured the love and happiness present in the room, and people who were not there now say they feel as if they were. Guests commented after the wedding that they really enjoyed watching Levi – his speed and agility allowed him to capture so many wonderful moments while at the same time not being too much of a presence in those moments. We are so happy to have the online gallery to show our friends as well as the DVD to make prints whenever we want. The photos are absolutely lovely. I can highly highly recommend Levi Stolove Photography!

  20. Nuala & Dean

    Levi was brilliant – exceeded all expectations – top class service and top class photos!

    He was incredibly friendly and helpful, answering all our (very many!) questions before booking.

    On the day itself, he was so friendly and natural he managed to put everyone at ease (even one who hates being photographed – the groom!) and to take the most wonderful photos of us all.

    Can’t recommend him highly enough!

  21. Alia & Jonathan

    Levi did such a great job photographing our wedding. He was so pleasant and responsive throughout the whole planning process and really listened to our specific requests. More than one guest mentioned that he put them at ease during the wedding. Levi didn’t seem like some random guy taking pics at our party, which I think explains why the party shots from the wedding are particularly good: glamorous yet not artificial or cheesy. The finished pictures are lovely, and Levi also made some final adjustments we requested, free of charge.

  22. Nisha + David

    Levi is a fantastic photographer and did an amazing job at our wedding! It was truly a pleasure working with Levi. He is extremely talented, very professional and organized. I immediately made my decision on the spot to sign with him because of his warm demeanor and his wonderfull pictures. He captured our wedding so beautifully and the natural moments of people interacting at the wedding are so priceless. Levi’s creative eye, attention to detail, lovely personality and unassuming way of taking pictures that makes you feel so comfortable – are some of the reasons why you should sign up with him. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Cheers, N

  23. Alexander R. Klein

    My wife and I had two general things we were looking for in a photographer: first, we wanted someone with an eye for beautiful moments; and second, we wanted someone who was friendly and sociable. Levi Stolove has both of these qualities and more.

    My wife and I could not have asked for a more stunning group of photos from our engagement shoot and our wedding — from the standard shots and then, especially, to those fleeting but precious moments. Levi is an artist. Moreover, he is not overly pushy and knows how to get his shots without making anyone feel uncomfortable, which matters more than you might think.

    Overall, I could not recommend Levi’s services more highly.

    -Alexander R. Klein

  24. Francesca

    Levi deserves not five, but ten stars! We feel very lucky that he was our wedding photographer. When we started looking into hiring a photographer, we put quite a bit of time and effort in searching for somebody that would not only take beautiful shots, but be a nice person to have around on our wedding day. When we met with Levi, we knew he was our man! He is personable and easy-going, clear but not at all pushy, and at the same time extremely professional and organized. Levi has an enormous talent for candid shots. When we looked at his portfolio, compared to the body of work of other photographers we talked to, we saw a lot of happiness and spontaneity — this really reflects on his positive energy and ability to put anybody at ease. I cannot recommend him enough, especially to couples who are shy, or are not comfortable being photographed. We are not especially shy, but some of our family and guests are, and Levi still got incredible portraits and group shots. For couple and family portraits Levi “directed” us very gently, always with a smile and sense of humor. Also, to my great delight, he arrived early, and with an assistant, to the hotel where we got ready, and was able to take lovely pictures of our preparations, which I did not think would be possible based on our original schedule. Since our wedding was in February, there wasn’t a lot of light to play with, but Levi still managed to get beautiful portraits both at the hotel and on the Soho streets close to our venue. The venue where we got married was especially tricky to photograph (dark wood paneling, candlelight) but he came armed with powerful lights and got great shots of the ceremony and the party. Long story short, we are thrilled with our choice. The pictures are beautiful — everybody looks fabulous and the compositions are lovely. We just got our DVDs (adorably packaged and presented) and cannot stop looking at the photos Levi took. Highly recommended!!

  25. Amanda Connelly

    From start to (almost) finish (finalizing our album) Levi was everything we were looking for and more. He has truly brought our wedding to life in pictures and every event with him was phenomenal. He took our engagement pictures which were amazing and we are still getting compliments on our wedding pictures. Our family and guests loved Levi and his professionalism. He listened to my crazy ideas and really accommodated our requests. If I could have Levi Stolove for every upcoming event I would. If you are able to book Levi for your wedding don’t think twice. He comes beyond highly recommended! Amanda and Bobby

  26. Diana

    Levi is an amazing photographer! After we met with him the first time, we knew he had to be our photographer. He was super friendly, easy to talk to, and took his time to explain things and answer all of our questions. And all of the photos he showed us were gorgeous. On our wedding day he somehow managed to be everywhere! Not only were me and my husband impressed, our friends and family loved him, too! We felt completely comfortable around him. We just received our DVDs in the mail today and couldn’t be happier. Levi captured every wonderful moment and you can see all of the love and happiness in the photos. Levi is the best!

  27. Michelle

    Levi is fantastic! Personable, flexible, available, responsive. We are so happy with our photos and that we were lucky enough to book him that day. He will produce some knock-out shots for you. Ours were in Brooklyn, in parks, by the water, and everyone keeps saying how romantic the photos are. He’s amazing at capturing expressions of love. Highly, highly recommended!

  28. Lauren

    Levi and Stacey were so amazing to work with! As our photographer, Stacey was a delight to work with. She immediately understood our personal style and delivered beyond our expectations. From the smallest details to the big crowds, she captured every moment and our guests commented that they were so impressed that our photographer was never in the way of anything. She made my husband and I, and our whole bridal party, so comfortable … posing for pictures was painless. As our behind the scenes man, Levi made us confident that everything would run smoothly from beginning to end. He was always responsive to our questions and ensured that we understood all of our options. After the wedding, he delivered a beautiful online gallery that allowed all of our guests to view the best pictures, 2 discs with all of our pictures and great options for albums. We went with the DIY album option on Pinhole Press. It fit our budget and the product is beautiful (after using a dozen other similar DIY programs, I really appreciated how easy Pinhole Press was to use and how high quality the final product was). I would recommend Levi Stolove Photography without hesitation. Photography is such an important part of your big day and I was not disappointed!

  29. Cheryl

    Words cannot express how happy I am that we were able to work with Levi and have him as our wedding photographer! From the very first meeting, all the questions and emails leading up to our event, and finally the event day, I cannot imagine a better man (and team) for the job! Levi made taking even the posed portraits “fun” and it was a blast seeing him run around the reception, snapping pictures of everyone having a great time. It also makes you appreciate just how hard him and his team work on your wedding day. We are so incredibly happy with how the photographs have turned out and all of the moments Levi captured. In addition, he has consistently been so wonderful to work with – always responsive, honest, and so fun to work with (especially important at those moments when you feel like you just can’t possibly taking one more formal shot…!) Very highly recommend Levi!

  30. David & Bruce

    Levi did an incredible job with the photography for our wedding. It was one of the most special days of our lives, one we had waited more than 18 years to be able to do legally, and Levi treated the day as such. He displayed the highest level of professionalism and dedication to his work, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We’d highly recommend Levi to anyone.

  31. Emily Dunn

    Levi is absolutely amazing! His photos are breathtaking! I was first introduced to his work after my cousin had him photograph his wedding. He puts his personal touch into all that he does. His craftmanship and talent is effervescent in every photo he takes. Our Montauk wedding comes back to life in every one of Levi’s photos!

  32. Alex and Masha

    Levi is pretty much the ideal wedding photographer. Aside from having great taste in his ideas and framing, as well as an undeniable degree of class in his editing and presentation, he is also an incredibly pleasant person to work with, whether in casual preliminary conversations or under the pressure of the big day, with guests swarming and rain threatening. He made Fort Tryon park on a rainy afternoon look like the garden of eden, and every single guest he interacted with, even before seeing his incredible photos, expressed to us their delight with him as a person (and we know they were not just being nice because they did not hesitate to complain about other event staff). And for our engagement photos, he came out to Jersey City at 6am for a sunrise shoot with a day’s notice (and of course the results were incredible). He also finished editing the pictures, in the height of wedding season, within three weeks. He performed ideally at literally every single task a wedding photographer must do. Thanks again Levi!

  33. Laura + Sanddep

    Levi took our engagement, sangeet and wedding photos. He was responsive, dependable, patient and so much fun to work with! Our wedding guests commented how it seemed like there was a team of photographers present because Levi and his second shooter were EVERYWHERE. You can tell Levi loves what he does, and we consider ourselves lucky to have had him capture our special day(s)!

  34. Krista & Aaron

    Working with Levi and his assistant Audra was like working with friends. From Day 1, Levi was very responsive and professional. We kept changing times on him and he was extremely flexible and accommodating. When the big day came, Levi and Audra blended in seamlessly with our family and friends. They were warm and friendly yet so professional. We wanted mostly candid shots but had a short list of the required formal family photos and Levi got all of it! My husband and I both have large-ish families so i was kind of dreading the big formal family photos but Levi was great. He got all of the shots and was so quick about it! And they turned out great to boot! More than one of my family members commented on how great they were. Levi and Audra were everywhere yet blended in seamlessly. I never felt like they intrusive or annoying. We just received our wedding photos yesterday and they are awesome! We weren’t planning on doing a wedding photo album but after seeing the photos we are seriously considering it now! I highly recommend Levi.

  35. Levi is wonderful. Very professional, super kind, and a great photographer. We met him at a friends wedding and were so impressed by their photos we couldn’t wait to have him shoot our wedding. We met with him a year before and he laid everything out for us and he was so professional. His rates are wonderful and worth every penny. The pictures are so so so much better than we could have ever hoped for! omg! The day of the wedding was brilliant because of him- he kept us on schedule and was so fun to be around. I HIGHLY encourage you to use him as your photographer.

  36. Catherine Ollinger

    Levi was awesome! He really understood what we wanted and did an amazing job of capturing our wedding day. He worked incredibly hard and was in tune with our moods and requests as the day progressed. Our photos came out beautifully and we would definitely recommend him. The best decision we made was to hire Levi to shoot our rehearsal dinner at my parent’s, those are seriously gorgeous photos that mean so much to us.

  37. Maegan Morris

    Levi is absolutely phenomenal. He has a true artist’s eye and his photos perfectly encapsulated our wedding day. He was always so responsive and warm whenever we had questions. He was absolutely incredible on the day of the wedding, keeping us relaxed and making sure we had fun while working with everyone to get the best shots possible. His assistant, Chrisann was also incredible – she was friendly and warm and was such an awesome addition to the day. And the photos? Absolutely, insanely perfect. Everyone can’t stop raving about them! We are just so lucky to have worked with him. Thank you again, Levi and Chrisann for being the best!

  38. Lea Oxenhandler

    Levi was amazing from day one! He was referred to us by a family member who had been at a wedding where he was the photographer, and the photos he took of them were gorgeous. When we contacted him, he was very responsive, friendly, and must have spent hours on the phone with us between me and my mother. Once we decided to hire him, we talked a lot leading up to the wedding to plan out the day and the schedule and make sure everything would fit in.

    On the day of the wedding, Levi was everywhere! We didn’t know how he bounced around so much, but his limitless energy and great personality made it easy for him to fit in everywhere. With my husband and I, he took some incredible portraits with direction that was easy to follow and felt very natural.

    From what we’ve seen so far (about 20 preview shots) the photos turned out BEAUTIFULLY and we are very eager to see more. The quality of light, composition of images and color, and some of the moments he captured just between this small range of the overall photography was pretty incredible. He tells us he took about 7,000 on the day of but the ones we’ve seen so far are amazing.

    My husband and I are both architects and designers so were incredibly picky about choosing a fine art wedding photographer– we are very, very glad that we went with Levi.

  39. Margot Mesnick

    Levi was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was recommended to me by a friend who had used him for her wedding and the moment I looked at his work, I knew we had to have him! I talked to Levi on the phone for over an hour the first time we spoke and I could tell that he had a real passion for what he does and really cares about his clients. All of the things leading up to the wedding were as easy as they could possibly be.. venmo for payments, didn’t need us to create some long shot list with every possible picture.. he had it all covered! On the day of the wedding Levi and his second shooter were punctual, professional and genuinely fun to be around. Levi has a wonderful way with people and makes you feel like you are old friends who have known each other for years. At the venue you could tell they were working very hard to get every possible great shot, while at the same time taking care to not be too intrusive. Now that we have the pictures back I know that our choice to work with Levi was the best choice we could’ve made! There are so many beautiful shots that I don’t know how we will ever choose which ones we want in an album. If you are looking for a wonderful, friendly, passionate photographer who will capture the true essence of your wedding, look no further, Levi is your man!

  40. Daniel Gally

    If you are looking for a wedding photographer look no further.

    Levi is essentially the man! He was very helpful and responsive during the planning stage before the wedding. And then he brought a ton of energy to the day of the wedding.

    After seeing the final pictures, I couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to hire Levi!

  41. Brian

    Levi is absolutely incredible, both as a photographer and as a person you want to be around on your wedding day. We felt comfortable with him from our very first meeting. I can’t stress comfort enough — forced smiles never look good in pictures. But that was never a problem with Levi. In fact, he made some of the more stoic members of our family burst out laughing!

    On the day of the wedding, he arrived early. He took charge and made sure pre-ceremony photos ran without a hitch. He gave us tips and kept us relaxed during our trip over to the ceremony. He kept us in the loop during the cocktail hour and reception and made sure to check in that we had all the photos we wanted before he left.

    And of course, the pictures turned out fantastic — better and more bountiful than I could have imagined, honestly. No fuss about getting them to us and no fuss about sharing them with friends and family.

    We’re so happy we found Levi and that he was available on our wedding date. Highly recommend. He’s the best.

  42. Sarah

    Levi and his assistant photographed our wedding day, from wedding prep through reception, and we could not be happier with the results! Aside from the official wedding portraits of bride and groom and various combinations of family, we asked that Levi and his assistant photograph the wedding as it was happening rather than stage group photographs of friends, tables, etc. He and his assistant did a great job capturing the spontaneity and joy that infused our wedding day. Also, Levi worked very well with our videographer, Motoko Fukuyama, and he did not seem to mind that we had a few photographers among our guests that were intent on capturing their own album of the day. Levi delivered both post-production shots (i.e., the official wedding photographs) and also a large number of outtakes. The post-production shots are luminous and gorgeous; however, we enjoyed the outtakes as well, many of which were almost as good as the post-production shots! We would definitely use Levi again! Please note Levi has a couple “signature” techniques he uses in his photography, which couples should ask about beforehand.

  43. Claire

    I can’t recommend Levi highly enough. Levi shot our engagement photos, rehearsal dinner, and wedding. Levi is first a highly skilled and technically gifted photographer who frames every shot beautifully. But he also is just a great person who served as a sounding board during the whole anxiety-filled planning process. I didn’t know beforehand how important it would be to like and trust your photographer because being photographed and getting shots that reflect genuine emotion and spontaneity takes some work. Levi put us at ease and just melted away into the background as he captured so many beautiful shots and memories. Your photographer is going to have to interact with so many different family members, friends, and vendors that day and you need someone that can deal. Levi is your guy. Hoping to have him at all our big family events to come.

  44. Claire

    I can’t recommend Levi highly enough; he was the best decision we made about the wedding. Levi shot our engagement session in the West Village, rehearsal dinner in the East Village, and wedding in Nolita, NYC. Levi is professional, has great technical photography skills to produce stunning shots that radiate emotion, and has a great personality that puts everyone at ease. His personality and ability to fade into the background after engaging enough to gain the subject’s trust is what made our night so special. While I adore Levi, I barely remember that he was at the wedding. He managed to get every single shot without imposing in any way. You get to be in the moment and enjoy your own wedding and STILL have the most beautiful, unique, and technically brilliant photos of your evening. You won’t leave feeling like you have a “standard” wedding book, were forced to spend precious time setting up tons of shots, or feeling at all “staged.” Levi’s experience and professionalism allow him to get everything he needs without orchestrating you. Thanks for making our night Levi! Please be there for all the next special days in our life.

  45. Kerry

    Levi is THE MAN!!! Although his portfolio of stunning wedding photography speaks for itself, Levi has those intangible qualities that make him a total pro at what he does. That combined with his kindness, humor and passion for photography make him a pleasure to work with.

    The day of our wedding, it was unexpectedly 90 degrees and posing for pictures in the crazy heat was tough and uncomfortable, but Levi kept things fun and somehow managed to capture photos they were beyond our expectations.

    We were so thrilled when we got our photos back after the wedding. Levi managed to capture all of the raw emotion and joy of our wedding day, along with great candid shots of almost every person at the wedding. We are so grateful to Levi for doing such an incredible job and have no doubt that we will treasure our amazing wedding photos for the rest of our lives.

  46. Meryl

    Levi was one of our wedding MVPs, I can’t recommend him highly enough. In the months leading up to our wedding he was super quick to respond via email; on the actual wedding day he was a delight to be around, took charge when needed but blended seamlessly into the party otherwise; and, most importantly, his photos look fantastic! We now have 1,100 incredible shots and I have no idea how we’ll ever narrow them down enough to make an album.

    I truly hate having my photo taken and am not particularly photogenic (no, really. Even my loving grandmother thought so), so was secretly resigned to feeling disappointed with whatever photos we ended up with. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! I love how our photos turned out! We look so happy and natural, just like we felt that day. We’re thrilled we worked with Levi.

  47. Nicole Rattner

    We made a lot of choices while planning our wedding, but Levi was by far one of the best choices we made. He was personable, warm, and did an incredible job capturing the joy, energy, and excitement of our day. We look back now and are able to remember its beauty thanks to Levi’s artful documentation.

    As a designer myself, I chose Levi as our photographer for his editorial eye. Even so, I was stunned by the results.

    We can’t recommend him highly enough, thank you Levi!!

  48. Jenna and Ben

    Finding the right photographer for our wedding was very important to us. We wanted someone who could both capture our personalities as well as those special candid moments. We spoke to a lot of different photographers, but when we met Levi in person, we knew there was something special about him and we had to have him for our wedding. Leading up to our special day, he was extremely helpful with planning where we would take pictures and how the day would play out. It was great to have him take charge on the day of the wedding and ensure everything went smoothly and according to schedule—it truly made the day feel seamless and his relaxed demeanor helped keep us stress free. Even our guests loved him. When we received our pictures, we were genuinely blown away. Not only was he able to capture unique moments, but all of the photos were absolutely stunning. As we went through the process of creating our album, Levi was very patient and guided us in creating the perfect compilation of pictures that we could look back on and enjoy the day all over again. To top it off, when we received the album, we noticed there was a flaw in the manufacturers work, and he was able to quickly secure us a new album, free of charge. We would highly recommend Levi for any occasion.

  49. Hannah and David

    I think one of the most important things to have for your wedding is a great photographer. Being type A personality and insane, I had researched multiple photographers in NYC and interviewed them. However, we decided to go with Levi for many reasons and we are so happy we did. My husband and I had purchased a package including engagement shoot and wedding. From the beginning, he has been dedicated to providing the best. He paid attention to everything that we had requested. On top of his work, which speaks for itself, he has a great personality. Levi made us feel very comfortable with the camera and tried to get us and the bridal party to laugh throughout the photoshoot when we looked stiff in front of the camera.. Levi listened to silly requests from our guests at the wedding as well. The turnaround for the photos after the wedding was very quick in addition to providing us with the album. Everything looked great. Levi is truly an artist and he has great passion for what he does. We have no regrets hiring Levi. Whenever we go to weddings, my husband and I talk about the photographers there and how they’re subpar compare to Levi. We would absolutely recommend hiring him for special occasions!

    Thank you Levi!

    Hannah and David

  50. Geoff and Francesca

    Levi took our engagement, reception, and wedding photos. Every step of the process was a pleasure working with Levi.

    He was always accommodating, and made sure that we were happy and comfortable throughout. Levi takes beautiful photographs and we couldn’t be happier with the results. He always want the extra mile, suggesting new locations, or making his way into the center of a raucous dance floor. We are so happy to recommend Levi, you won’t be disappointed!

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