Patricia Urquiola for Rosenthal

Rosenthal always gets the greatest designers design some amazing things…I just love this dinnerware set by Patricia Urquiola…those napkin rings are darling! I would register for these in a heartbeat.

[images from Unicahome]

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  1. thoughtfulday

    she is brilliant.

  2. Broussard

    pretty sexy

  3. Jackie Lee

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  4. teardropweddings


  5. future Mrs. Jones

    You find the most beautiful things, thank you for sharing.

    And I am with you, I might have to put this on the registry.

  6. Christy

    OOhhh… These would look great with the funky and grandma-y milk glass vases I got at a flea market last weekend. Thanks Vane!

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