Real wedding: Erin + Lauren

Photographer Daniel Krieger sent me these photos of Erin and Lauren’s commitment ceremony, and I just loved them…there’s such a light and happiness captured in their faces…all weddings should be so lovely. Erin wrote a little bit about the day….

Lauren and I are a lesbian couple who live and love in Brooklyn. We talked about having a commitment ceremony/party/wedding for several years, but we could never figure out what to call it, how to plan it or what to wear. But we knew one thing – we wanted our event to take place in Brooklyn. Beyond that our priorities were good food, great friends, and an open bar; flowers and formality were of little importance.

Our planning came together in an event for 100 guests at iCi restaurant in Brooklyn. We had an intimate ceremony for 40 friends and immediate family under a durable tent and an intense rain storm. Lauren’s good friend emceed, our Mothers read poems, our Fathers handed us our rings, each of our best friends shared kind words, and we exchanged a shared vow as well as our own set of dedicated words. After the ceremony, guests signed a Quaker-style wedding contract promising to help us uphold our vows. Although we were surrounded by a heavy downpour, thunder and lightning, it was beautifully intimate and just what we wanted.

After the ceremony we hosted an additional 60 guests for a celebration with passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. We had so much fun! In all of our planning, we tried to balance things we loved about traditional weddings with things that were unique to us. We think Daniel did a beautiful job capturing the celebration–from the intimate moments to the raucous good times.

[images from Daniel Krieger]

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  1. Allison aka HaselBride

    The round, diamond-like choker necklace is exactly what I’m looking for to pair with my dress!! I’ve been searching everywhere. Any idea where it came from?

  2. Anonymous

    I know its georgious! Please tell us where its from!

  3. Lauren

    Thanks for the compliments! It’s an antique from my grandmother, circa 1930s. Sorry folks — can’t tell you where to find another one. It’s made of crystal beads, set in sterling silver. Perhaps that can help you on your hunt. Good luck!

  4. christina

    such a beautiful wedding! thanks for posting, always so nice to see other lesbian weddings out there…such an inspiration! may the couple have a wonderful life together!

  5. Allison aka HaselBride

    Thanks, Lauren for the info! Your necklace is fabulous, how wonderful that it was your grandmother’s. I am going to start hunting for vintage on ebay. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that–vintage costume jewelry is made so much better!

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