Real wedding: Jesse + Thom

We were married (for the second time) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We did the whole legal ceremony thing at Brooklyn city hall in January – which was low-key and intimate. The real celebration in Mexico was anything but.

Our invitations were meant to give everyone an idea of what we had planned with Sesame Letterpress coasters mounted on top of a tin of margarita salt. We attached moo cards with the website URL so guests could get all the details and RSVP.

We rented a great house which became our home for the week. The house also served as the location for the wedding and reception. For our ceremony Thom and I each selected a reading for our vows and we asked a family friend to ordain – it added an emotional touch that he knew both of us before we knew each other. And, thanks to months of careful plotting, I was able to surprise Thom with a ketubah that I painted.

One of the best – and unexpected – results of the wedding was all the friendships we formed with artists that provided little details to make the experience personal. We had boutonnieres made for all the guys, as well as custom Converse. We ordered gorgeous paper products from Letteria for the rehearsal dinner, custom pillow boxes by Field and Sea and coordinated candy from Papabubble. We had a fantastic local band that got everybody going – Pila Seca. Although I think my favorite detail was the specialty cocktails, stolen from Alchemy.

We chose San Miguel because it’s a small, artist town with vibrant architecture. With that kind of backdrop we wanted to make sure we had the right photographers that would capture it all. Jesse and Whitney from Our Labor of Love definitely fit the bill. They are incredibly talented and were able to capture the experience perfectly – even all the crazy little details. Plus they’re so much fun – my entire family fell in love with them immediately. These two took a moment that meant the world to us and enabled us to relive it for the rest of our lives.

The full set of Our Labor of Love images is up on flickr –

[images by Our Labor of Love]

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  1. whenigrowupcoach

    This wedding is amazing! I'd be happy if mine was 1/2 of the fun it looks like Jesse, Thom & their guests were having.

  2. City Junkie

    Who was your photographer? The photos are amazing!

  3. cdm

    On Jesse & Thom's flickr set, they have an amazing "map" of how all the guests are related to the bride and groom… how did they/ where did they get that!!
    Thanks- what a beautiful wedding- looks like it was a blast!

  4. teardropweddings

    now this looks like a unique and fun wedding!

  5. Melissa's Greetings

    So fun!

  6. Poser

    that dance shot (dip) is so awesome, my awesome-ometer is at full tilt!!

  7. perfect bound

    loved it then, love it now. spicy hot.

  8. Critsey Rowe

    Fantastic wedding! They look like they had so much fun!

  9. Jesse

    We stole the story map idea from this guy and he did a much better job. But ours was a hit with all the guests!

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