Blurb winners

I’ve been so amazed at what cool images you guys have sent me for the Blurb contest! I feel like I’ve gotten a sneak peak into your lives! Here are the winners, in no particular order. I’ll be emailing your discount codes this evening so you can start working on your books [i hope you’ll send me pics of the final result]….congrats!

[1] Nicole Young

I was so excited when I read your post this morning about this contest. I plan to use Blurb to do a couple of books for my wedding as gifts to various people.
The main book I am trying to create is one for my mother and uncle (who is walking me down the aisle). I am the family genealogist and I have spent the past two years (on and off again) researching my family history. I have traveled across the country to various relatives collecting family photos and stories. And my gift to my mother and uncle would be a book highlighting all of the research, photos, and stories I have collected. The cover I would choose is a montage of photos of various relatives. This is so important to all of our family especially since my grandparents, the two most special people to all of us, will not be able to attend. My grandfather passed from cancer 17 years ago and my grandmother though still alive will not be able to attend my wedding since she is in a nursing home and is not able to walk or sit up in a wheelchair. They were our main link to the past and I want to make sure our story is captured and documented.
By doing this I feel like it ties us together and is a great way for us to have a memorial to all of our ancestors .


[2] Jeff + Ashley Rose

I wish i could enter in 2 pictures, but i think i narrowed it down
to one! We had a “photo booth” at our wedding, which wasn’t the typical kind. We had some awesome photographers set up an area at our reception with a backdrop and props and * poof * instant fun!
I def. want to make a Blurb book of just our photo booth pictures. 🙂 they captured sooo much fun on our day!
This one attached would be our cover.  Photo by Gabriel Ryan Photographers


[3] Elaine Chan

Hi Vane,
We recently took an engagement session in NYC and this specific picture was taken in Greenwich. This picture reflects our personality the most and we’ll put this as our cover, the engagement pictures photobook will be displayed at the reception of the wedding, coming up in December.
Photo by Irene Chui

[4] Emily Moran

Hey Vane,
I have wanted to make a Blurb book for so long! Here is the image we would use for the cover our Polaroid guest book, inspired by none other than – your blog!

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  1. Elaine

    Thank you so much Vane 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, thank you, I can not tell you how excited we are!

  3. Nicole

    Oh My Gosh. When I went to check my google reader this morning I sais to myself “WOW that picture looks familiar … wait that’s my great uncle … I didn’t update my blog”. And then it hit me that I won. And I started screaming and jumping up and down (You would think my name got called on the Price Is Right or something).

    Vane, thanks so much for choosing me!!!!!!!! I am so excited about completing the book. Have to make sure you see a copy when its done.

  4. JheartA Paperie

    Omg!!! We couldnt be more excited 🙂
    Thank you sooo much Vane! We will def. send you pics of our final product! Oh and can you give our photogs the credit for the pic.
    Gabriel Ryan photography 🙂
    thank you bunches!

  5. A Windy City Wedding

    ooops I meant to post as me, Emily. Thanks again!

  6. Elaine

    Vane, can you please also give our photographer the credit? Irene Chui (

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