Blurb discount for readers

I gotta hand it to Blurb, they’re really making my job a whole lot easier….since there were so many amazing entries I asked if we could give EVERYONE a discount on making a book, and they agreed! From now until September 2, 2008, type in brookbrides at checkout for a 10% discount on any book you make! Thanks Blurb, and thanks to everyone who entered!

If you end up making one, definitely send me photos of the final result….I’ll post a few on the blog!

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  1. A Walk In My Shoes

    Alright! How wonderful it is to read your blog

  2. Anonymous

    i must say, blurb is not the easiest program to use. i think there must be some ways to make it more user friendly. i was extremely excited about creating my wedding album and i never really got anywhere with it.

  3. ohlalachic

    I love blurb! I’m planning on using it to make our guest book so it will be a photo yearbook of sorts for our guests. Thanks for providing the discount:)

  4. jessica lynn

    got my order in at the last minute!

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