This year’s NYIGF went by quickly for me… I was in an out in an hour (lots of stuff from years before), but I did manage to find some new things that would be great for weddings. Above’s goodies are from Molla Space…I thought the felt winebottle covers and rings were just genius as gifts!

Above are yummy chocolates by Kschocolat…they have gift sets and small favors, all in contemporary packages that are as goodlooking as they are tasty.

Chilewich has come out with pressed vinyl runners and placemats….they would be great to decorate each placesetting, especially in white.

The Australian company, Mor, has beautifully packaged soaps, candles, and other delicious gifts for the ladies of your bridal party…the wooden boxed soaps do double duty when the soap is done!

[images from Brooklyn Bride and Molla Space]

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Sarah

    I love the stuff from Mollaspace.

    I have a wine bottle from a vineyard I toured in Italy that I don’t want to part with. But my NYC apartment certainly isn’t big enough to keep things around for no reason. lol

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