i heart brooklyn designers: Goose Grease

Its been a while since I’ve done one of these, but sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait. Michelle is the designer of Goose Grease, and creates these ADORABLE wooden figures that would be perfect as a cake topper, especially since she can customize them to look like you! All are priced so reasonably, I’m totally ordering a bunch for myself. [via Julie + Todd]

[images from Goose Grease]

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  1. DomestiGals

    So cute! I have been trying to find a cake topper I like (I’m really not into birds – why are they all shaped like birds?!) and these are just perfect! Yay Brooklyn! Cheers, Jen

  2. lizholly

    you are super resourceful at finding the greatest little things. these are much more interesting than what is flooding the market right now. thanks a bunch!

  3. Nicole

    OMG! I wasn’t even considering a cake topper until I saw this! Cutest freaking thing ever.

  4. Rebecca

    They’ve got such a great sense of irony, don’t they? Love it!


    I love these…what a find!

  6. staceyilyse

    OMG! I love these! Thanks so much for posting about them! I have been looking and looking for the perfect cake topper!

  7. Miss Shortcake

    these are adorable! So different and minimalist!

  8. allan z.


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