Jonathan Saunders

I’m pretty wow’ed by this dress, why pick one color when you can have all of them??….I think I’m going to pose a challenge to Kathryn to do an inspiration board based on it….up for it Kathryn?

[image from NYMag]

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  1. DomestiGals

    I am a huge fan of NY Fashion Week – and actually have decided I found all my wedding outfits this week (in my dreams). Will be posting about it on Monday… Anyway, in total agreement with you about this dress, Vane. Jonathan Saunders had some AMAZING things this season – and they look so well-made too. Love when designers embrace color. Cheers! Jen

  2. Kathryn

    Alright you – I accept your challenge. Once I’ve posted all my budget-friendly boards, I’ll get to work on this one!

  3. lovelymorning

    love. love love love.

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