Top 10: Hairpieces & veils

top ten hairpieces

I’ve been having such trouble finding all the modern accessories and goodies when I want them, so I’ve decided to start a new column featuring my top 10 favs for weddings…this week I’m starting with veils and hairpieces that are sheer perfection for modern brides.

If you’ve got a topic relating to weddings you’d like covered, let me know in the comments!

1st row: Thief and Bandit, Twigs & Honey, Wedding Aisle
2nd row: Oh My Deer, Jennifer Behr
3rd row: George Wu (via OnceWed), Giant Dwarf,
4th row:, Lo Boheme

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  1. Love the list! Can’t wait to see more of your fav lists.

  2. lois

    I love fun and off beat with a hint of vintage. I love the more subtle hair decorations, they are lovely. the big red cabbage? Not so sure. Just sayin.

  3. These are great finds. I love the feathery one. It seems so delicate with a simplistic beauty that I love.

  4. These are really intriguing head pieces. I think they’re a gorgeous alternative to a veil, and they really make a slightly bohemian statement. You can add any color you want to make it match perfectly to you skin, which is never a bad thing. Bravo on a great post.

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