1. maggie

    I adore photos that involve bikes. And for rarely being a fan of the poufy dress, hers is amazing!

    Also… dressing up again later to take photos… such a practical idea.

  2. Liz Reeves

    i second that….I love the dress!! who is the designer?

  3. Courtney

    i love that they took pictures after the wedding! we wanted to do the same since we were married in on a rainy day in december…it never really worked out for us, but it’s such a great idea!

  4. Flyleaf Books

    These are great photos – if I had that bike, I’d be on it!!

  5. Charming Weddings

    too sweet. what an adorable, classic set of pictures!

  6. Amalia

    Does anyone know who’s dress this is? It gorgeous and I’d love to know the designer and style #.

  7. Teresa

    the bubble gum shot is truly adorable!

  8. Ms Unreliable

    What a beautiful collection of photographs, so unique and personal. The photos with the bicycle and the dog are just adorable!

  9. Amalia

    Great news! I found the designer of the dress. I emailed the bride! 😀

    Justin Alexander Couter, style #9552.

    I am trying it on this week! 😀

  10. Amalia

    sorry, Justin Alexander Couture… Not Couter! LOL.

  11. Laura E @ Southern Wedding

    Wow. These are so fun and of course, its Whitebox weddings. The ladies there are amazing photographers and know just how to add color (yellow) to make the photos pop.

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