1. Pretty Bride

    na.coh my gosh… too cute! i love these!

  2. Miss. Meme

    i like the first one

  3. chelsea

    very cute!

  4. Banana-head Pancake

    using those moo cards is a fantastic & totally affordable idea!

  5. Ellie

    so clever, i love it!

  6. Cara

    Was this done using the font, Archer? I just bought that font for my fiance as an engagement gift and we plan to use it on all of our paper products, too! Love it!

  7. kelly

    Cara – I made the save the dates and just wanted to say that it is Archer! We used it for all of our materials.

    Thanks for featuring us on the blog! We have a few more shots of the whole assembly line in my flickr.

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