1. Kristy R.

    Love the first shot, chiaroscurro is captivating.

  2. Lena

    Wow beautiful! Where is this?? Is the venue actually in Brooklyn? I am desperately searching for wedding venues and this one looks amazing!

  3. porter hovey

    Ohhhh!!! This is just so lovely and cute.

  4. Jen

    Loving this….great colors.

  5. Critsey Rowe

    Gorgeous!! I love all of them…can’t pick a fave to save my life! Great images!!

  6. Sarah

    The bride’s headpiece is so simple and lovely. Just stunning.

  7. Anonymous

    Brillant Photography! The photos are so captivating!

  8. Little Americana

    These photos are amazing! What a great photographer to capture all those images!

  9. Banana-head Pancake

    I’m with Lena, where was this wedding? It looks gorgeous! I could use venue ideas!

  10. Thomas Geist

    Monika and David are such talented photographers. Their pictures are top-notch and I love to see everything new they do!

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