Boudoir session: Danielle

I’ll start out by saying normally I’m not a big fan of the boudoir session, but this one was so unique, I couldn’t pass it up.  Lauren had it shot for her girlfriend at an abandoned mansion, and its edgy and sweet, all at the same time.  Love it!

[images from Live It Out Photo]

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  1. wow… so edgy but way cool!

    nice find!
    hope all is well,

  2. Very unique. I like a lot.

  3. Love when people think outside the box! Sometimes boudoir photos can be so cheesy, but this is an edgy cool set!

  4. Like you , I’m not the biggest boudoir shoot fan but these are uber cool!! Sexy in a very ‘non-cheesy’ way!

  5. I LOVE IT!! very edgy!

  6. Eurae Muhn

    Love the boots shots! So playful and sweet!

  7. I really love how this is unlike any boudoir session I’ve seen. Very unique! Amazing job! <3

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