Real elopement: Danielle + Gregor

Real elopement: Danielle + Gregor 1

When this adorable elopement landed in my inbox from Trent Baily, I just let out a big sigh…everything was just sheer perfection…her Zoey Deschanel bangs & kicky dress, to their wedding bands made out of NY quarters!  And of course, capturing their updated Facebook statuses….genius!

Real elopement: Danielle + Gregor 2

Real elopement: Danielle + Gregor 3

Real elopement: Danielle + Gregor 4

Real elopement: Danielle + Gregor 5

Eloping to New York filled us with excitement of the old school charm of the recently renovated court house, the private wedding chamber and the escapism that follows but there was also a bit of anxiety…we would be alone, no family mostly reliant on new connections to help make our day spectacular.   Those new connections were a gift.
We met Trent the day before our wedding to stroll through the city and guide us with a friendly smile and encouragement through the first heat wave.  We strolled through the streets and stopped in quaint spots, smiling and laughing with Trent as he snapped pictures, hailed cabs and cajoled us to press forward even as the temperature increased.
That evening, Greg and I had dinner with his good friend, Alyson.  It was the first time I met her and we gleefully confessed our plan to elope the next day.  Alyson called her boss on the spot, took the day off and met us in our hotel room before the ceremony with her mother's pearls in hand (something old and borrowed), a wonderful wedding gift and a superman-attitude that more than filled the shoes of best man, bridesmaid, and general all-time cheering section.
Trent met the three of us at the court house and our dream became reality.  The court house was filled with joyful couples dressed in casual shorts and elegant dresses and even the occasional tux and frilly white dress.  A buzz of happiness filled the room as Greg and I and Alyson and Trent chatted and walked through the most important day of our lives with the camera lens quietly clicking in the  background.  Congratulations from strangers followed us onto the streets from the courthouse to the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to the champagne toast that followed.

I cannot not imagine those moments without remembering the kindness of the strangers that made our day.  It spoke to how important connections in life really are…the photographer I found on the internet, an old friend of Greg's I just met, the florist who created the perfect bouquet, the genuine joy and warm of a NYC court house wedding.


Flowers: Elizabeth Ryan Floral Design
Dress: Victoria Simons

[images from Trent Bailey]

Trent Bailey is a sponsor of Brooklyn Bride.