1. Kelly Oshiro

    Heavenly dresses… so floaty and pretty.

  2. thoughtful day

    i really like the second one. although i imagine you would have to be really tall and skinny to pull it off.

  3. Ali Blair Dawson

    the second one is by far my favorite, too. i’m having my dress made and we have been in relentless pursuit of just such a polka dot material … since you have more experience in the wedding biz. than me, any ideas?

  4. Michelle

    hi brooklyn bride… i’ve been lurking around your website for a long time and i love it! 🙂 i have to ask you and your readers a favor though. i bought a dress at the filene’s basement “running of the brides,” but this dress reminded me of one that i’ve been lusting after for a long time: http://www.christosbridal.com/gowns/2007/07132.shtml
    this is the original, but i have NO idea where it is from, i just saw it on a photographer’s website:

    do you know where i could get something with that lace bodice style? maybe with sleeves more like christos’.
    you RULE for the help. keep up the awesome blogs!

  5. Ms Unreliable

    So beautiful, I love the third one!

  6. •ciaotay•

    the first one is to die for!!!!!!! love the textures! ciao. ciao.

  7. Anonymous

    I bought the first one! Wedding next summer.

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