Studio tour: Postscript Brooklyn

Studio tour: Postscript Brooklyn 1

Name: Melinda and David Morris owners and visionaries
(written by) Mallory Larson, Creative Director
Location: 168 7th Street, Suite 2L Brooklyn, New York 11215
Company: PostScript Brooklyn

What do you do?: We design and print custom invitations, stationery and event collateral inspired by life in the city for couples all around the world. We also collaborate with our clients and other local designers to create a collection of many voices and inspirations.

What is your aesthetic?: Urban, clean, whimsical, architectural, but also little vintage.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic?: The studio is comfortable, clean and bright. An urban environment that has so many interesting quirks and so many things changing all the time surrounds us. It’s very inspiring.

Favorite part of your studio?: I love the large windows in our studio. They have a view of Manhattan, all of the interesting warehouses on our block, and the Bell House.

Where do you go for inspiration?: We get a lot of inspiration from Prospect Park, from the neighborhood of Park Slope and also from the great architecture of Manhattan, but one of the best sources of inspiration is our customers. Most often our clients inspire the design. Each couple comes in with their own unique ideas about what represents them and their wedding, and often it’s something we wouldn’t have thought of for an invitation but the resulting design is fabulous.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without?: I think many of us would say coffee, but Adobe Illustrator and the Pantone swatch book are very close runners up.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to?: Because we recently moved in to our studio, we were just talking today about adding more rugs to make the studio more cozy this winter. I think a studio dog is necessary too.

Anything else we should know?: PostScript Brooklyn is the custom line of Lion in the Sun, Park Slope’s Paperie which has been customizing invitations for clients since 2002. This line grew out of our creative work in the shop over the last 8 ½ years and from our most popular local custom designs. We collaborated with many of our Brooklyn artist friends and designers who we work with in the shop to create this unique local line that has a much more broad appeal.

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[images from Stephanie Land]