Top 10: Boutonnieres [+ giveaway!]

top ten boutonnieres

There are so many cute options for grooms and their groomsmen these days, its hard to choose a favorite way to go….but no doubt, with one of these 10, you cant go wrong!

1st row: photo by Tec Petaja, Fritts Rosenow, Wild at Heart
2nd row: A Alicia Wedding, Lalalaurie
3rd row: Miju and You, Emersonmade, Martha Stewart Weddings
4th row: photo by Bella Grace Studios, April Hiler Designs

Couldn’t let this little guy escape a chance to be won, could I?  Its a collaboration between Etsy sellers Miju and Norwegian Wood, originally made for NW’s wedding, and now one of these could be yours!  Just leave a comment below and the winner will be announced on Friday!

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  1. These are sooo cute. I love nontraditional boutonnieres. And I think they should be viable for more than just weddings…whynot? A throwback to when men got decked out with some serious style.

  2. Very dapper! I particularly like the one by Miju and You.

  3. eric

    Ok… Love the cotton blooms. Super simple and classy.

  4. Megan

    What a great collection of boutonnieres. The simple bow is sweet. War medal = amazing. Love the contrast of the satin ribbon and the matte wood. Very cool and modern. After the wedding, I would love to wear this on my favorite cardigan.

  5. Absolutely amazing medal one which I’d like to win! But to tell the true – I love all of them:)

  6. ek

    i love them all 🙂

    very cute!

  7. Jessica

    That’s so awesome! I hope I win – we’re going for a steampunk themed pseudo-elopement (a few friends in a public venue) and I know my fiance would adore it as a surprise to go with his morning suit. Then again, I’d probably wear it more than he would.

  8. Such cute picks! I love the first one, the hankie, best and the giveaway is way too cute!

  9. jane

    yes, please!!!!!

  10. lanita

    i am partial to the heart made to look like the wood carving in a tree…super cute!

  11. oh, so cute!!

  12. Very creative and fun! Definitely less “stuffy” than the typical boutonnieres for us guys. And I have to agree with Megan…I love the “war medal” one by Miju & Norwegian Wood. Nice workmanship.

  13. That’s one fierce Boutonniere roundup! Especially love the Wooden one for the giveaway. Great find…

  14. Pretty sure I need that boutonniere at our wedding.

  15. Anita

    I would love to win the medal! I was looking for something exactly like this for my dress!

  16. I wanna that button one so bad. It looks so cute

  17. I would love this for my fiance to wear at our wedding!!!!!! I loooooove it! xxx

  18. Kristen S

    My fiance would LOVE this!

  19. Max

    That black medal is sex on lapels.

  20. Jill H

    My fiance and I have been going round and round about boutonniere’s to no end. I believe this would be something we actually can both agree on!!! This is why I read this blog everyday, there is always something I can take away from it!!

  21. Naomi M.

    I love the non-traditional boutonnieres! I have been looking at the Miju and Norwegian Wood medals since I first saw them in Norwegian Wood’s wedding. I want my bridesmaids to wear them also like her’s did!

  22. Margaret

    Have no idea what the fiance should wear as a boutonniere- Thanks for the ideas!

  23. Julia

    These are so cool! I love details like these.

  24. I wanted to pick a favorite, but that’s an impossible feat. These are all unbelievably cute. Boutonnieres… just another detail I obsess over!!

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