Engagement shoot: Randi + Karlo

I’m amazed that I’ve been receiving engagement shoots for this long and have NEVER received a shoot at the farmers market til now!  Its such a fun location with tons of color and goodies all around!

[images from Casey Fatchett]

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  1. Sarah Tew

    It is funny–farmers markets are great places to shoot. My husband and I did some of our own engagement portraits at the Union Square Greenmarket and some of them on a tandem bicycle… (i’m a wed. photographer myself so of course we did MULTIPLE mini-shoots with various photog. friends of mine, it ruled!)

  2. So pretty!!!

  3. I love the laid back feeling of these photos. Very natural, very genuine.

  4. What an awesome idea!! You two look fabulous 🙂

  5. love this shoot! i’m with holly…love the laid-back vibe, they look so comfortable!

  6. great photos here.. thanks for sharing it!

  7. Amazing!!I love these!

  8. kari

    The photorapher really captured a natural beauty in this couple. God, they look happy.

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