Heather’s save the date for a friend

I’m not sure if these count as ‘interesting’ save the dates, but I recently designed these for my friends upcoming wedding! They are using all orchids for their flowers and really wanted to incorporate that in their invitations!

[images from Heather]

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  1. fickle bride

    i love them! they are so refined!

  2. Kate

    Lovely colour combination -nice and clean, perfect for a modern wedding!

  3. Heather from the bar

    yay! Thanks for posting these!! I just received mine in the mail and it was kind of sad to see it all marked up by the post office 🙂

  4. Kelley at My Island Wedding

    these are phenomenal! (it’s been a long day, I don’t think I spelled that right…)

    Anyway, love them!

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