Studio tour: Two Paperdolls

Name: Vanessa Kreckel
Location: Wayne, Pennsylvania
Company: Two Paperdolls

What do you do? We design amazing wow-inspired paper for social events, designers, and businesses. With our own in-house design and letterpress shop, we create everything from entirely custom or semi-customizable letterpress invites to stand-out logos, business cards, and websites for businesses.

What is your aesthetic? As a designer, my aesthetic is constantly evolving. Generally, I like a mix of a vintage letterpress texture with a contemporary and modern color palette or font concept.
How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? The studio really reflects our ability to translate each client through their paper products since a wide variety of aestethics are represented from a traditional chair with contemporary and unique upholstery, to an industrial chic metal cabinet which displays our limited edition prints.

Overall, the studio is warm and inviting – and really feels like you are coming into our home. It’s familiar but there is always some boundary-pushing element in the room that draws the eye. Clients enjoy the opportunity to get comfortable and share not only their scope of work – but want to share things about themselves and get to know us.  The art of building a personal relationship has gotten lost somewhere in this e-commerce/internet/on-demand world and I think our clients value the fact that we want to get to know who they are – not just what they need. That helps us infuse their personalities into the designs we are creating for them.

Favorite part of your studio? A toss up between “The Living Room” where we consult with clients, and the basement where the presses live – there is something really special about a room full of vintage letterpress machines.

Where do you go for inspiration? Architecture, fabrics, the environment, blogs, my son Landon, everyday life really

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? My Mac
Is there anything that would enhance your business? our own laser cutter is next on the list of purchases, it would be amazing to have those capabilities in house to compliment our production

Anything else we should know? In honor of celebrating our 10th year, our new website and branding has been a labor of love we are so excited to finally share it with everyone! I think it really represents us – I especially love the Dollhouse section where you can see the studio and learn about our amazing team of talented designers and staff.

[images from Two Paperdolls]