4th Annual Holiday Card Swap – CLOSED

4th Annual Holiday Card Swap - CLOSED 3

Can you believe its already that time again?  I’m having trouble coming to grips that the year is already almost over and that thanksgiving is next week!  But maybe a little holiday card swap will make the transition a bit easier…this year we’re going to do the optional recipe swap as well if you’re interested in getting some good cookie or cake recipes to try out.

In true card swap tradition, I asked a talented designer to design the logo for this years card swap, so thank you to Ellie Snow of Mint Design blog and Hello Tenfold!

Here are the rules:

Send an email to me at brooklynbride [at] gmail [dot] com with Holiday Card Swap in the subject line by November 25 [day before Thanksgiving]. Include your name, address, email address, website/blog address and twitter handle [if you have these].  Please send your email in this format… THE CARD SWAP IS NOW CLOSED!

Jane Smith
123 Main St. #25
Anytown NY 12345
[email protected]

– By December 1, I will have emailed you the names and addresses of up to 5 people to send cards to.
– Your cards must be handmade [think Gocco, glitter, Photoshop, cut + paste, sewing, etc….] Make something that’s easy to do multiples of.  You’ll be sending 1 card to each person on your list, and add in a special holiday greeting!
– If you’re feeling EXTRA up to the challenge, include a tried and true holiday cookie recipe!  And if you can, please email me the recipe in addition to including it with your card so I can gather them all together in one easy place.
– Send out your cards by December 15 at the latest!

Wait patiently by your mailbox!  The swap is open to our international audience, so pay special attention to postage.  Please don’t disappoint your partners if you know you won’t be able to send out cards on time, or at all.

[graphic by Ellie Snow of Hello Tenfold and Mint]