Awesome pixel wedding

I saw this pixel-inspired wedding over at Mocoloco and was instantly enamored! From the invitations, to the cake, even down to the ring, everything was wonderfully pixelated…read more about it here.

[images from]

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  1. Heather from the bar

    wasn’t that wedding just awesome? I loved that the groom was so into the process 🙂

  2. exceptionallyinviting

    The pixel theme is great, really turned out well.

  3. Kelly Oshiro

    A friend of mine sent me this a few weeks ago. I love the stamp detail, talk about carrying the theme through!

  4. Once A Bride

    Now, that’s original!

  5. Stacy Guthrie of myweddingfilm

    Ha Ha, pixels. That’s such a great idea. For those of us who grew up in the 80’s it’s such a throw back to our days of Nintendo!

  6. Never teh Bride

    I loved this as soon as I saw this. Pixels! Of course, maybe that’s because I grew up playing old school Nintendo.

  7. i do! nyc

    Sooo cool and unique!!! Thought of Mario right away.


    Great details!!

  9. Rooi Skoene

    I like that it’s so girly and yet so boyish, too.

  10. Laura Bruen @ Shoot-Scoop

    How GREAT! Love this theme.

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