Studio tour: Emily Thompson Flowers

Name: Emily Thompson
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Company: Emily Thompson Flowers
What do you do? Floral and event design.
What is your aesthetic? Wild, extravagant.
How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? It displays my sculptural work as well as all kinds of flowers and plants. It is chock full of my grandmother’s peculiar collections as well as my own. It was originally a raw, industrial space, but now reflects all my conflicting yet harmonious interests.
Favorite part of your studio? The work tables, usually a big mess.
Where do you go for inspiration? My library, which includes a huge image file that I hauled to the studio by the armload, when the Brooklyn Library gave theirs away. They wouldn’t let any one person take more than she could carry, so I nearly collapsed getting down those steps with a stack taller than me .
What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? I have a new flower-clipper holster that I love.
Is there anything you’d upgrade to? I’d love a real glass storefront, or at least a glass door. We have a big red metal door that we keep open until we start to freeze or swelter, depending on the season.

[images from Levi Stolove]

Levi Stolove a member of Brooklyn Bride’s preferred vendor listings

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  1. Barbara Abbott

    Hi, I’m Clara Alexander’s Mother – just wanted to say how lovely your shop is! Makes me want to wander in and place an order just on a whim. Thank you for creating spontaneous beauty that sets us all to dreaming!

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