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I’m so happy to introduce you to a new site by the people that brought you Traveler’s Joy called SimpleRegistry…and it really is as simple as the name says!  Their whole mission is to take the hassle out of registering, and giving you the option to register wherever you want, not just at the standard big box stores.  They’ve made it even easier with the launch of their mobile app, where you can scan or photograph the barcodes of items you want from virtually anywhere!  There are also ways to split the cost of pricey items amongst multiple guests, which is handy if you’re got expensive taste like me.  In the end, SimpleRegistry is about giving you the freedom to register for anything your heart desires, whether it be pillows and kitchenware, or  honeymoon experiences and down payments.  If only something like this was available when I was registering!

Definitely head over to their site and sign up for your own simple registry.

[images of gift ideas from Horne]

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  1. Laura Hill

    Very cool. We just checked them out and we think we finally settled on a wedding registry! They make it super easy to add things from some of the local stores in our neighborhood (pottery studio, art gallery, etc.) and Etsy.com.

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