You + Me*: You’ve Got Mail! V-day party

You + Me*: You've Got Mail! V-day party 7

You + Me*: You've Got Mail! V-day party 8

You + Me*: You've Got Mail! V-day party 9

Valentine’s day is lurking just around the corner, but we like to think we shower our sweethearts with affection more than just once a year. That means they don’t mind when we take a cue from our favorite third graders, and spread the love to the whole class (well, the grown-up version of the whole class anyway). We gathered our favorite people in one place to make and exchange valentines.

With handmade cards instead of the Snoopy variety pack, a vintage mailbox in lieu of a paper bag delivery system, and shot glasses of teeny tiny cookies rather than boxes of stale conversation hearts, this valentine exchange was a definite upgrade from elementary school. The best part is that this friendly gathering reminded us that love notes should be exchanged far more frequently than once a year. If you’re looking for an excuse, engagement parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, or weddings are all good ones.

Oh, and we know we’ve already mentioned the teeny tiny cookies, but we’re not sure words can actually convey what a big hit these little glasses of cookie confetti proved to be. The cookies are just SO TEENY TINY. – Miya & Elisabeth

Styling: YOU + ME* Lifestylists
Floral Design: Traci Terrick
Photography: Sean Dagan Photography