Sponsored post: Traveler’s Joy

Sponsored post: Traveler's Joy 1

Its become pretty common that couples generally live together before getting married, which means they've already stocked their cupboards with all the plates, glassware, and appliances they could ever need, so dont really need to register for any more (ok, you can still get that Kitchenaid Mixer if you REALLY need it!).  Some couples would rather register for experiences instead of more of the same, and thats where Traveler's Joy comes in!

Your registery takes minutes to set up, and not only can you register for things like dinners or spa treatments, but you can also add in guide books and cameras to keep you on the right track and capture all your memories. More expensive items can be divided up into manageable dollar amounts, so multiple people can contribute to a gift.  A friend of mine recently registered for honeymoon experiences, and I can honestly say its really gratifying knowing that my contribution was to something they really wanted to do, and that I knew they'd always remember…

If you're interested in setting up your own honeymoon registry, check out what Traveler's Joy can offer you.