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Its become pretty common that couples generally live together before getting married, which means they’ve already stocked their cupboards with all the plates, glassware, and appliances they could ever need, so dont really need to register for any more (ok, you can still get that Kitchenaid Mixer if you REALLY need it!).  Some couples would rather register for experiences instead of more of the same, and thats where Traveler’s Joy comes in!

Your registery takes minutes to set up, and not only can you register for things like dinners or spa treatments, but you can also add in guide books and cameras to keep you on the right track and capture all your memories. More expensive items can be divided up into manageable dollar amounts, so multiple people can contribute to a gift.  A friend of mine recently registered for honeymoon experiences, and I can honestly say its really gratifying knowing that my contribution was to something they really wanted to do, and that I knew they’d always remember…

If you’re interested in setting up your own honeymoon registry, check out what Traveler’s Joy can offer you.

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  1. Nice article! I can totally vouch for utilizing this unique sort of registry. We actually used Travelers Joy for our wedding registry and had a great experience! Like you said, we already had everything we needed for our home, so this service proved invaluable for obtaining support for our honeymoon.

  2. Lyle Bryant

    We used Traveler’s Joy and it was perfect. Surprisingly we received more gifts on our Traveler’s Joy registry than our REI and Crate & Barrel registry combined. We did spend a lot of time customizing it so each gift was a super cool experience. We got a lot of good ideas from their Real Member Registry pages:


  3. Ellen

    We used Traveler’s Joy for our wedding last summer. We’d lived together for 2 years, valued independent shops and vintage finds, and already owned a Kitchenaid Mixer! TJ was the perfect way for us to ask our guests to give us something we’d never give ourselves. We’ve since traveled to Montreal and Buenos Aires. It was a great way for people to *give* us something (we “registred” for everything from metro passes, poutine, & beer, to spa treatments and hotel stays) that they wanted to see us do. We sent a snapshot in our thank you notes of us enjoying our gift, which has continued to be a great way to connect with your loved ones. Great site–very flexible, easy to use, and well-designed.

    -Ellen & Bridgette

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