1. jo

    I’d love to see a round up on groom’s wedding bands. Beyond Ted Meuhling’s beautiful bands… are there any other plain-yet-interesting options?

  2. I second the desire for groom’s bands round up. (Actually I want to see broom’s bands but I will take what I can get.) Always love your round ups!

  3. We chose ours this weekend! they are fabulous… more modern than traditional..!

  4. Vane

    All the rings above without diamonds actually COULD be mend bands, my husband has #9

  5. Chad

    Although i really wanted #10

  6. i am crazy about that love knot ring! we’re looking for bands too!

  7. really beautiful selection of rings featured here! as a maker of hand made wedding bands, it is not often that i absolutely fall in love with a ring, but malcolm betts’ designs get me every time!

  8. the mr. and i got married back in december and i got him a ring from fabuluster. he loves it! it’s so unique and most people have never seen anything like it. It far exceeded my expectations! we didn’t get me a band, at the time i thought it looked like to much, now i want on and your list is helping a lot to narrow it down! thanks!

  9. The fingerprint ring is amazing! I can’t believe you can do that, I think its so romantic!

  10. Thanks Brooklyn Bride. It’s an honor to be in such good company!

  11. Teno! I bought my husband’s band from there. Inlaid with black ceramic. He loves it and its definately unusual and has held up remarkably well.

  12. Kayla Watson

    Number two is so unique. I would like to that design for my ladies .wedding band

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