Studio tour: Papél New York

Studio tour: Papél New York 15

Name: Raegan Hirvela
Location: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
Company: Papél New York

What do you do? Papél New York is a Brooklyn based modern paperie catering to the urban chic family in search of what is not easily found. We provide an intimate selection of eco-friendly social stationery, greeting cards, and customizable invitations & announcements.

What is your aesthetic? I always had a vision of the shop aesthetic having a classic concept with a modern edge.   From our store fixtures and window displays to the products we carry, I look for items and ideas that are timeless.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Although the music is fun, the cards on the shelves get more than just a giggle, and Francesca my daughter is constant amusement for the customers, but when it comes to collaborating with a client, it's all business.  We have a dedicated space in the back of the shop where the bride & groom can sit down, relax and flip through our edited selection of wedding vendors.  We created this space so that it was secluded enough for client meetings, while un-obstructing the flow of the store.   It allows first time customers a sneak peak into the customized world of stationery and invitations that we offer.  We achieved this with our room divider made of reclaimed coffee tables that I picked up at thrift shops and the Salvation Army across the city.  It is simply awesome!

Favorite part of your studio? Without a doubt, my favorite part of the shop would have to be our newest addition, my 5 month old daughter Francesca.  Here at Papél, bring your daughter to work day is almost everyday for me!  She is a tough boss and sets high expectations for us. Don't be fooled by her slight of smile or charismatic kick of the socks, she means business when at the shop.  Oh, and our paper airplane installation on the ceiling is also whimsical and eye catching!

Where do you go for inspiration? I get a lot of my inspiration from the neighborhood.  If something catches my eye, I try to track it down, or find a vendor that offers that concept I am looking for.  I find that flea markets and craft fairs are hidden gems for potential new vendors.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? That would have to be my Point of Sale system.  It is a super intuitive system and is built specifically for Mac.  So it offers a very “sexy” feel at checkout; well, as sexy as software could possibly be.  I don't mean to geek out, but it not only functions as our POS system, but it fully integrates my inventory and sales and streamlines work flows.  It also allows me to give prospective clients an itemized quote for their invitations or announcements.  I take great care in pulling these detailed quotes together and find that my clients really appreciate that.  I believe that putting a lot of time into these customized quotes allows my clients to have a transparent and easy to understand view of what to expect from a design and price point perspective.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? One of my biggest goals right now is to get my website up and running.  I have been working with a designer to configure my webstore with the POS system.  The idea is to make the site easy to navigate but also to highlight our highly edited selection of products and services while keeping the feel of who we are.

Anything else we should know? We are a real multi-generational shop and you will often be greeted by my Dad, my amazing daughter Francesca or even Parker, the most rugged and tough poodle you will ever meet.  After much convincing, my Dad decided to throw his gloves in from retirement and help renovate and now man the shop with me.  Do not be surprised if you see him behind the counter offering our customers dried apricots or animal crackers.  He is a real charmer!

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