The Modern Tablescape Challenge

Brooklyn Bride was originally started way back when because there was a lack of modern inspiration out there in wedding-land.  Oddly enough, it used to be easier back then to find architectural, streamlined goodies, but not so much anymore.   So, that's why we've teamed up with Newlywish to host a contest to find amazingly modern tablescapes!  The winning team* (or just winner!) takes home $500 worth of products from the dining section of Newlywish!

Here's the deets:

+ We are looking for modern tablescape designs – these can be indoor or outdoor, any size or shape table, its really up to you.  The key point is the design of it MUST BE MODERN.

+ Anyone can enter as an individual or team (*if you are entering as a team, you will be splitting the prize), vendors, brides or grooms alike.

+ You'll need to send 15-20 professional quality photos at 600 pixels wide, 72 dpi, along with a brief writeup about your inspiration.  Any photos with watermarks will not be used.  All photos will be credited to the photographer.

+ Include the names and websites of all your team members, and a list of materials and links to sources used.  Please include any directions for any possible DIY projects you may have done.

+ Submit entries to brooklynbride [at] including all the information above with the subject line TABLESCAPE CHALLENGE.  All submissions must be received by 11:59pm APRIL 15, 2011.  Submissions received after the 15th will not be eligible.

+ Our favorite submissions will be posted throughout the week of April 18 and a panel of guest judges will determine the winner to be announced Monday, April 25, 2011.

+ Submissions cannot be posted or tweeted until published on Brooklyn Bride.  Any sneak peeks released before the contest is over will deem that entry ineligible.

+ Have questions?  Leave a comment below and I'll try to answer any questions you might have.

Well, I think thats it for all the details, so go forth and be modern!  Can't wait to see what you come up with!

[Challenge logo by Paper+Cup]

Paper+Cup is a member of Brooklyn Bride's preferred vendor listings

  1. Marie

    Excited to do this!

  2. ValentinaBlossom

    The contest is open only to US residents?

  3. Good question Valentina…yes, the shops at Newlywish only ship to the 50 states, so if you are located outside the states, you would not be able to receive your prize.

  4. Amazing! So excited to brainstorm and see other entries!

    erica at tinseltwine dot com

  5. ValentinaBlossom

    So sad…

  6. Hi! Great contest!!!! I have noticed a lot of different interpitations of the word “Modern”!! Is this open for interpitation or are you looking for something specific???

  7. hi mindy!

    a great example of what i’m looking for is the tablescape done by You + Me* for Rue Issue 4…its the rainbow colored party. You can check it out on the Rue site.

    or, if you refer back to my post last week about what i’m looking for in submissions, there’s a link to one of my favorite weddings and you can see the styling in that.

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  9. Hello! I saw that this is only open to US residents. Well I’m in between for the moment. I’m in Australia for another five months but will then be coming back to the states. If I were to win (fingers crossed 🙂 the prize could be sent to my parents home and I can enjoy it in a few months. Is that acceptable? (Please say yes xo)

  10. Ahhhh!!!! Just discovered this today. So wish I had seen this earlier. I’ll be adding the Brooklyn Bride to my reader so as not to miss another great opportunity!