1. ana

    this shoot is so cute! I can totally get a sense for who these two are as individuals and as a couple without the interference of crazy props. looks like love 🙂 I love that my fiancee surprised me with a professional photographer at my surprise engagement party. captured such great moments that can be seen on my blog now too. thanks for sharing !

  2. fantastic shoot! i wish more couples took pictures in their home. it’s a great way to showcase their personality!

  3. this is like so cute i can’t stand it.

  4. Having an e-shoot in the couple’s home is a great idea! You can really see their personalities–and loves (each other & their darling dog)!

  5. I love this shoot. favorite shot is the one of the dog, at the top of the subway steps! Absolutely stunning set! and congrats to the new couple the three look amazing together 😛

  6. Cute engagement shots!

  7. I like the idea of shooting cute candids in the home. The quirkiness of this session really shows their personalities. <3

  8. Themed engagement shoots are an absolute blast. It’s a chance for the couple to really show their unique personalities or hobbies that are important to each other. I had one couple who ended up in a car wash without the car. : )

    Samantha Darr
    Soireebliss! Events

  9. I wonder if this is the place that they met while trying to avoid getting wet from the afternoon rain shower….

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