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Registering for gifts can sometimes be a hassle…you usually can’t find everything you want at 1 store, and then have to deal with registering at multiple stores.  Or maybe your home is already set up in the kitchen and linen departments, but you’d love help with doing cool stuff on your honeymoon.  Well thats where the genius of SimpleRegistry comes in…you can register at any store or for anything you want!  Add stuff in person with the snap of your iPhone or get lost on the web collecting sites, its easy no matter what you do.  Best part is your guests can pitch in for all or part of gifts, and you get to redeem it all as cash to decide how to distribute or when you buy, cuz honestly, who wants an apartment filled with boxes when you’re trying to plan a wedding and have all your DIYing to do!  See what else SimpleRegistry can do to make registering for gifts easier here, and while you’re there, sign up for your own registry website!

[gift image ideas from A+R]

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  1. Olivia

    This is an awesome service! I’m doing the same thing with MyRegistry.com and I love it. Being able to register for things from department stores and my local faves has been great and it’s so convenient to have it all listed together!

  2. Marsha

    I agree! We used SimpleRegistry for our wedding in June and it was so fun and easy. Our guests loved giving us some really cool artwork from a gallery in our neighborhood and we registered for an amazing dining room table that over 20 people gave a gift towards!

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