Top 10: Chevron details

1. Oncewed | 2. Chevron twill tape from Kari Me Away | 3. Painted table by Local Social via 100LC | 4. YouBUDesign on Etsy | 5. Whisker Graphics | 6.  Chevron platter by Aedriel Originals | 7. Wiley Valentine | 8. Buttons or magnets from Robayre | 9. My Sweet & Saucy | 10. Oh Happy Day | * Biarritz Maillot from Undrest

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  1. Perfect post for me! I am drawing a ton of inspiration from the chevron pattern painted on the wood floors of the “den” in the restaurant where I’m having my wedding (Bobo in the West Village). This is awesome for inspiration – thanks!

  2. he thts amazing great work
    you are such a genous
    i am loving it

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