Real wedding: Janice + Clinton

Real wedding: Janice + Clinton 11

Real wedding: Janice + Clinton 12

Real wedding: Janice + Clinton 13

Real wedding: Janice + Clinton 14

Real wedding: Janice + Clinton 15

Who we are as a couple:

Our style is definitely modern and minimal, but with a pinch of stylish fun. We both work in the design industry, so we need things to look good while working well. We also have a keen sense of humor and always like to make sure those clean, modern spaces and visuals are balanced out with a playful wink.

How we went about planning the day:

We decided early on that we didn't want a wedding planner since we're both overly concerned with the details and would have inevitably driven them crazy with our micromanagement. We wanted this wedding to be exactly what we envisioned, as we only plan to get married once 🙂

After endless searching for an event space that fit our style and our budget, we finally found Maritime Parc. The Aviary on the third floor was great, very modern and white, but still warm and inviting with exposed wood beams. It was also the perfect size for our headcount of just under 100 guests and the perfect location to host our “Friday Night Fete”.

In keeping with the modern and minimal theme, we decided black and white was the most appropriate color palette. The color scheme  was inspired by the black and white motif in the Montauk hotel rooms at the Sole East Beach, where we stayed the weekend Clinton proposed. So this color connection has a deeper meaning to us. Everything printed, online and in the event space was black and white (or gray). To help include our guests into our event, we invited them all to wear black and white and become part of the grand design. To add the “stylish fun” into the mix we created a suite of black and white graphics and patterns to adorn everything from our invites to the tiny 1″ buttons the guests happily wore at our reception. Every visual element was thought through and intentional. This includes the bold, simple and sometimes delicate typography. As well as the intricate patterns on the invites which symbolize the convergence of our ideas, ideals, beliefs, and lives becoming intertwined, and inseparable.

How we felt it all turned out:

We absolutely loved the outcome! All the elements worked harmoniously with each other and we couldn't have asked for a smoother transition between events of the night.

Some stand out elements were:
– the texture in the bride's dress jiving with the graphics and patterns on the invites
– the flowers, lighting and table settings looking magnificent in the space
– the great mix of classic R&B and Soul resonating with all our guests
– the tasty mix of hors d'oeuvres like Grilled Asparagus, Pulled BBQ Chicken Empanadas, and Duck Fat Fries
– our custom signature cocktail, the Ginger Breeze made with candied ginger
– the great naturally lit top floor event space turning into a perfect evening with the NYC skyline as a backdrop
Everything had the right amount of style and the right amount of comfort.

Some stand out moments were:

– the mother/son dance where the Groom did the running man with Mom
– the Aunt and Uncle of the Bride, who have been married for over 50 years professed their love for one another is still as strong now as on their wedding day

And of course we loved the work of our photographer Jenny J, who we felt captured both of our personalities perfectly while documenting the day from start to finish.


Janice's Outfit:
Dress / Veil – Vera Wang
Shoes – Benjamin Adams
Jewelry – Swarovski
Wedding Band – Cartier

Clinton's Outfit:
Suit – J. Crew
Shirt – Brooks Brothers
Cufflinks – Kenneth Cole
Shoes – Paul Smith
Belt and Tie – Agnes B.
Wedding band – Stuart Moore, NYC

Lead Photographer: Jenny Jimenez
Second Photographer (food & drink details): Aga Matuszewska

Event Space: Maritime Parc
Flowers: Jennifer Palacio for Laura Clare Design
Lighting: Infinity Studios Lighting
Music: illvibe Collective
Space Planning and Decor: Janice Simpson (Bride)
Furniture and Props: Taylor Creative Inc
Graphic Design: Clinton Clarke (Groom)
“Day-of” Printing: Cast of Characters
Invite Printing: Bella Figura Letterpress

[images from Jenny Jimenez]