Studio tour: Regas NY

Name: Meredith Kurosko
Location: New York City!  Our location is quite unique, and we think it adds a fun little note to the world of Regas! We’re located on the sunny second floor of a Greek Orthodox Church in west Midtown. Our vintage letterpress machines and paper samples spent months begging for open space as our business grew – and we were lucky enough to find it in this quirky space.
Company: Regas New York

What do you do?
We create stationery and invitations! At any given time you can find a Regas designer hard at work on our wedding collection, or on a custom piece for a special event. Our letterpress is in-house – so all printing happens inside our studio.

What is your aesthetic?
Bold, bright, and colorful.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? We like to think of our studio as an equation: calm background plus amazing accents equaling a sense of the Regas brand! We chose a calm grey for our walls, but then painted our fireplace a shock of yellow. Other colorful bits and pieces are scattered throughout. The space feels timeless in its use of a neutral underlying shade but distinct in its ability to spark creativity and energy.

Favorite part of your studio? Hands down? The comradery and creative spirit shared by our team. There isn’t a day that goes by without a challenging design dilemma – and yet our natural approach is always laughter rather than dismay. And we’re very much a working studio – someone always has dirty hands from the printing!

I also feel incredibly fortunate to have the luxury of space to spread out when tackling a project. We all know that’s a rare thing in NYC, but our large footprint allows us to really play with any medium that strikes the team’s fancy. We’ve spray painted linens, screen printed table runners, redone furniture, and spackled walls, all from within our studio. The space really allows us to go in any direction.

Where do you go for inspiration? I don’t have one go-to place, but do find myself excited by a few things over and over again. Clients are inspiring to me. They have wonderful stories and are planning thoughtful events. Their energy is contagious!

I also find the wedding community a real source of inspiration. It’s so incredibly full of talented entrepreneurs. The friends I’ve made since starting Regas keep my mind going.

Finally, on a more tangible front – the walk home from the train to my apartment in Brooklyn affords endless eye-candy. I’m always caught anew by the architecture of the neighborhood and finding hidden patterns that I want to capture on paper.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? Four words, two items: pantone book and printing ruler. Need those colors and perfect measurements!

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? In case a little elf is reading this… a new paper cutter, central a/c in our studio, and a heidlberg letterpress

Anything else we should know? Our team is knit together like no other. Regas designers Allison and Caitlin and I work together five (sometimes seven!) days a week – and yet we often linger well past hours to just get in more quality time. Allison is my younger sister, and she lives with me, so we’re basically attached at the hip!

[images from Jamie Hankin and Regas NY]