1. It’s beautiful. But I imagine the post office hates it as it’s a lil bit harder to read than plain font lol.

  2. Hannah

    what brand are those pens from?

  3. Sue L

    That writing is cute but very hard for the postal machines to read……

  4. Deebi27

    I can write & letter nice, but this is amazing calligraphy! I’d like to learn this!

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  6. Lu

    So where are the instructions on how to do this? I thought there would be directions…guess you just have to be really talented with the creative bone in your body.

  7. Kilara

    I found this on Pintrest. It claims to be a link to instructions, which made me laugh, but it is beautiful lettering. 🙂 Still glad to have in on one of my boards.

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  9. Melanie


  10. Like the cute calligraphy wish I could have instructions to learn it

  11. So cute !! i really like these

  12. Paula

    This is indeed really nice. Great hand lettering!

  13. kandee

    I think its hilarious that one of the addresses is for Ellwood blues! And its an address for Chicago no less…I take it she likes the blues brothers..

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