Sponsored post: $200 Jewelmint giveaway

If you’re the kind of girl that loves getting baubles by mail every month, Jewelmint just might be for you!  Its a fascinating concept really…you take a style profile to determine what look you are (tho you don’t have to stick with that, you can see the whole line too), and based on your results, the Jewelmint team (including Hollywood stylist Cher Coulter and actress Kate Bosworth) will recommend a new  jewelry for you every month and it can be yours for just $29.99 each!  If you dont like the pieces for that month, you can skip and not get charged a thing.  Its a win-win!

Sign up now and receive 50% off your first piece of jewelry for first time Jewelmint customers with code BKLYN50 through the end of the year!

As a great end of the year bonus, Jewelmint is giving away $200 worth of jewelry to one lucky winner!  Here’s what you have to do:

– Head over to Jewelmint and sign up for a free account

– Check out the site and leave a comment below with your favorite piece!

Simple as that!

Winner will be announced on Friday….good luck!

[images from Jewelmint]

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  1. kelly

    i love the paramour bracelet! very interesting.

  2. Margaret

    Their friendship bracelets are my favorite piece right now!

  3. Mandie

    My favorite piece out of what I’ve seen so far has definitely been the starlet set. It’s so delicate and simple.

  4. reese

    i LOVE the friendship bracelets!

  5. Holly

    I think the silver swan bracelet is my favorite!

  6. Amled

    In LOVE with the friendship bracelets*

  7. Grace Tsai

    The Rose Palace Dome Ring is amazing!

  8. I love the new wave ring! In fact, I may have to purchase that one using the code!

  9. deebs

    i love the rose palace dome ring!!!

  10. TK

    The Gatsby bracelet. I love the 1920s style!

  11. Erin

    The Back to Tulum Bracelets make me happy! I hope this fun little set finds it’s way into my stocking!

  12. kfloveinme

    The Maasai Tribal Bangle is definitely my style!

  13. Peter

    I would love to get some jewelry for my girlfriend! She just got a new internship and has been freaking out about making a good impression at her job. I want to get her some great pieces that she could wear to her internship and to make her feel more confident with herself. I think that Shanghai Eclipse would be gorgeous on her! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  14. Emily

    the silver swan is my favorite!!

  15. Dale

    I love the Western Wonder bracelet!

  16. Elyse

    This is SUCH a great idea for a company. I love the Bossa Nova earrings. So colorful and beachy 🙂

  17. marisa

    i love the gemma earrings!

  18. alana

    i love love LOVEEEEEEEE that aqua bomb ring!! SO funky and versatile at the same time! i have been looking for more rings in my life. my sausage fingers usually are cause for me to avoid ring sections at jewelry stores….but i’d wear that like its my job!!!! 😀

  19. Jamie

    I loved so many of the pieces,especially the Rachels, but for now, I’ve just ordered the Wonderland earrings- so whimsical and feminine! I’m excited to wear these with lace details and soft neutral colors. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  20. Stacia Young

    Definitely the Starlet Set! It’s got the right amount of vintage charm–I can think of TONS of things to pair these with. Plus, it would look awesome with my rehearsal dinner dress 🙂

  21. Jenny

    I love the emerald city rings but also love the crystal cascade earrings – heck, they are all awesome!

  22. Stephanie

    I love the Nicholas necklace!!

  23. Stefanaé

    My favorite piece is the supernova earrings. I wear then all the time.

  24. Katrina

    I love the aqua bomb ring! I also bought their brixton earrings last month and am going to rock them at my boyfriend’s christmas party tomorrow!

  25. Leah

    I love love love the Pomander Pendant. So antiquey and marvelous!

  26. I love the Savoy bracelet! Elegant and different!

  27. davonne

    I love the Night Owl Necklace. so awesome

  28. Caitlin

    I love the Shanghai Eclipse Pendant

  29. Michelle

    My favorite is the Shanghai necklace!

  30. B Loves R

    XO Rings… hands down. My fella and I always sign of with “xoxo” when writing a note or text. Wearing them on our big day would be a really sweet nod to our personal love notes.

  31. Stacy

    The Crystal Cascade earrings are my favorite.

  32. Rachel Additon

    I love the Le Beau necklace!

  33. Morgan G.

    I want the Gemma earrings!

  34. Ashley

    Love love LOVE the World’s End Earrings

  35. Emily B

    It has to be the Shanghai Eclipse Pendant, it looks so versatile! I would wear it alone and layered with other necklaces.

  36. I LOVE the World’s End Earrings.

  37. Christine

    My favorite is the Blanc Bomb. Gorg!

  38. Christine

    I also would love to get the Night Owl!

  39. JC

    I love every single ring on the site! But gun to my head… The Midas ring!

  40. LOVE the “bombshell bracelet” — Perfect for so many potential combos. Thanks for sponsoring this. I love your blog!

  41. Jackie P

    I love the Easy Rider necklace!

  42. Claire

    I love the new wave ring!

  43. Amber

    Oh my gosh, I would be thrilled to win! I signed up and their pieces are so pretty, and affordable too. I really like the pretty silver and turquoise Borgia Ring, very lovely. Thanks! 🙂

  44. Courtney

    My favorite piece is the bombshell bracelet. So Classic!

  45. Michell

    I love the beechwood necklace!!! Jewelmint has an amazing amount of eclectic finds! Love it!!!

  46. Amanda

    I love the Arabian Nights Bracelet!!

  47. Tara R.

    Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite piece is the fine tune necklace. It even really whistles! Such a great stand alone piece or awesome for layering.

  48. Melissa

    The Savoy bracelet is perfection!

  49. In theory I like some of these looks, but some otrhes are just not possible in my day to day. I think the leather sleeves paired with the denim jacket is my favorite. Now give me a leather skirt or leather jacket and I am good to go! Heather

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