Wedding details: Meghan + John

 Welcome back and happy 2012!  Thought we could start the year right with a super colorful wedding care of Meghan & John…as graphic designers, they did ALL the paper goods and decorations!  Totally adorable and super fun, just the way a modern wedding should be. [PS, check out their “wed”site too, its equally as cute!]

[images from Christa Kimble and Meghan Hopkins]

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  1. Those cake toppers are great…super cute and an easy DIY, I love it!

  2. love this wedding, LOVE these details, love the photos! gorgeous job, so fun and lively, what a creative and stylish couple! thank you for sharing, -with love, briana

  3. What I meant to say before the computer demons got hold of it was: “Best wedding design ever ever ever!”

  4. Could not agree with everyone more. Just loved the detail and how much personality was evident in every thought out element. I love the cake toppers as well, but my fav part was the little cocktail (?) sticks with the date for the day. It’s given me a complete hankering for vintage cocktail sticks and I will be spending the next few hours procrastinating looking at them. Congrats to the couple for such a beautiful day and thanks for posting!

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  7. Sarah

    I love the colors and all of the bunting. The individual cakes were a fantastic idea, and a great way to incorporate the bunting! Where did you find the State of Ohio wax seal?

  8. Thanks everyone!

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed our wedding as much I/we enjoyed pulling it all together.

    Sarah- the seal was custom-designed by us 🙂 Please contact me at hello [at] meghanhopkins [dot] com with design inquiries!

  9. Coley

    What a gorgeous wedding! I love the whimsy and the detail 🙂

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