Gold is the New White

Color "Inspiration Board" Gold Pink Blue Charcoal Art Foil

It used to be that I could paint anything white and it would fit my décor. My sister used to make fun of me for my tiny obsession. I’m reminded of the Portlandia skit, “We put birds on things”. I’d find an old picture frame that didn’t quite fit in my room, so I’d paint it white. A cool vintage statue of an owl, paint it white! Now I’m obsessed with gold. I love the level of sophistication it can add to any setting, but paired with the right color, only using a hint of it, can still be playful and fun.

enjoy. with love, Catherine (local social)

Tablescape on The Decorista | gold flatware from West Elm | Confetti System Streamers | Foil Stamped Invitations featured on The Sweetest Occasion | gold painted chair from Anthropologie | artwork of Martin Pfeifle | Streamers from Martha Stewart | wallpaper by Verde | DIY star drink sticks | gold painted branches at Martha Stewart | gold installation by Carmody Groarke


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  1. Me too! I painted an old lamp gold. And since I’ve got a bunch of darkroom equipment hanging around that I don’t use, I painted an old grain scope gold, and now it sits in my living room as a fun reminder of all the days I spent in the darkroom!

  2. I totally have a soft spot for gold recently too! I feel you on painting things white. Gold is definitely my new neutral.

  3. I love this trend that is happening with golds. I love the rose and gold combo.

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  5. Gold used to get kind of a bad rap, but it’s lately popping up everywhere. The modern details are softer and more chic than ever before! The antiqued gold and pink are lovely together!

  6. We’re maybe a teeny tiny bit biased 😉 but we are loving this yellow gold trend, we do love our chic clean white gold looks but there is something so fabulous about the lustrous rich color of yellow gold! As for the cutlery – I want it!!

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