1. Wait a minute… Are you sure these aren’t models? They are gorgeous!! And they look amazing together. I love those glasses!

  2. What great shots, love the playfulness yet loving sexy side of it all. What a beautiful couple!! Auguri!! Congrats!!

  3. OMG, this couple is beyond gorge! Love these photos…so simple and classy, yet their looks DOMINATE. haha!

  4. Cute couple!And love the shoots!Looks funny!They look gorgeous!

  5. Good god this is a gorgeous shoot. Love the sophistication and style of this entire set of photos.

  6. Amazing engagement shoot, so stylish and sexy! Powerful pictures!

  7. why are this BW images all grey? cant understand why…

  8. Angela

    That’s Robert Madu! He’s an amazing pastor and disciple of God! Hilarious and so Godly and wise! His now wife is beautiful as well! If you’ve never heard his speak look him up! He’s fantastic!

  9. That’s my friend we have been friends forever I love you Taylor!!!!

  10. ken


  11. ken


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