Phantom Diamond ring + discount

How cool would this ring from Cameo be for an engagement?  Well boys and girls, nows your chance! Cameo is offering 20% off their gold and brass versions of the Phantom Diamond ring for 1 week only.  For the brass version, use code BROOKLYNBRIDEBRASS, and for the gold version, use code BROOKLYNBRIDEGOLD.

[image from Cameo]

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  1. Brittany

    holy amazing. I LOVE that.

  2. There are pro’s and con’s to choosing a ring online, or from a jeweler, or from an antique store. The online route allows for quick comparisons where you do not have to deal with annoying sales people, but make sure they are reputable online stores that offer guarantees. If you go directly to the jeweler, you might get good service, but it may be more expensive and will take more time. You might pick up a bargain from an antique store, or pawn shop, but you might also get taken for a ride if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  3. Another way to arrange a cheap ring is to take a family ring, possibly passed down from a grandmother for example, change the setting of the ring, but use the same stone. Designing your own ring will be cheaper if you have the metal and the stone/s already. You may however want to design your ring from scratch, which could be more expensive and take longer to be manufactured.

  4. Ella

    I’ve been comparing diamond prices online and found that the Blue Nile diamonds were rather overpriced compared to some of their competitors. I found that the lowest prices on loose diamonds were found on a website called Have You Seen the Ring.

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